DVI-A (M) to 5 BNC (F) Adapter Cable


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Kramer's ADC-DMA/5BF-1 is a short adapter cable designed to adapt between the analog pins of DVI-I and typical RGBHV. DVI video cards often output signals in both digital and analog format and, conversely, display devices often accept an analog VGA type signal using a DVI connector.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality Construction - Rugged 1 ft cable with molded connectors and gold plated pins.
  • Compatibility - Use this adapter when you need access to the analog signal present at a DVI-I source, or when you need to connect analog VGA to a display which provides only a DVI-I input. Note that this adapter does not convert analog to digital or digital to analog. Always verify compatibility details for the source/destination in your application.
Question: Trying to connect component video to dell monitor from security camera please can you help ? Cheers
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. As long as the video cameras use a 5-BNC cable connection and the Dell Monitor is able to use an analog video signal from the DVI-I port, this device should work.

If on the other hand, the Dell monitor will only work with a digital video signal, this adapter will not work.

Also if the cameras use the Red, Green and Blue component video cable (YPbPr), this device would not work.

If you are looking to connect a component device to the monitor, you are probably looking for a 'component YPbPr input to VGA output' or 'component YPbPr input to DVI-I output' cable. Unfortunately, we do not have that type of cable on our website.

You can also try searching for 'VGA to 3 RCA Component Video Adapter', that may return a few more results.