Peripheral Type Description

PS/2 peripherals are generally used on PC compatible computers for both Keyboard and Mouse connections. These are slowly being phased out and being replaced with USB peripherals.

USB peripherals are becoming more and more common on PC compatible computers as well as Macintosh systems. Many of the KVM Switches that support USB peripherals also support USB peripheral sharing so you can share USB devices such as printers and scanners with all computers connected to the KVM Switch.

PS/2 & USB
Many of the newer KVM Switches support both USB and PS/2 peripherals. This allows you to connect both computers to the switch to consolidate to one console. With these switches you will need to use PS/2 peripherals to control the KVM Switch even though it can connect to USB computers. The reason for this is that the KVM can not convert the USB signal to PS/2 but it can convert PS/2 to USB.



Sun Mindin-8
Multi-Platform KVM Switches allow you to control multiple machines that use multiple peripheral connection types. With multi-platform switches you can control a PC, Macintosh, Sun, Linux, and Unix computers from 1 console. This type of application is geared towards high-end situations where someone must work on multiple systems.