Connection Type


VGA type monitors use a HD-15 plug and is currently the most common type of display. The majority of PC compatible computers use the HD-15 connector as well as some Sun machines.

Apple Display Connector - A peripheral connector from Apple that combines digital video display, USB and power in one cable. It was designed to reduce wire clutter to the desktop.

This requires the use of USB peripherals.


DVI is a new form of video interface technology made to maximize the quality of flat panel LCD monitors and high-end video graphics cards. It is a replacement for the Plug & Display standard, and a step up from the digital-only DFP format for older flat panels. DVI is becoming increasingly popular with video card manufacturers, and most cards purchased include both a VGA and a DVI output port.

There are multiple standards for DVI Monitors:
1. DVI-D (Digital)
2. DVI-I (Integrated Digital/Analog)

Due to these complexities and the variance between the KVM Switches offered the KVM Configurator can not recommend switches that support DVI monitors.