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Startech 2 Port USB KVM Switch


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The SV231USB is a reliable StarView KVM switch that combines the simplicity of universal serial bus (USB) technology with the reliability and power of the StarView line of KVM switches. This package comes complete with cables allowing it to be used right out of the box with no hassles.


  • Control 2 PC's, G3/G4 Macs or IMACS from one USB keyboard/mouse/monitor
  • 2 computers can share 3 different USB peripherials
  • Front panel push buttons for easy computer selection
  • No drivers required for keyboard and mouse operation
  • Supports keyboard and mouse plug and play
  • Selectable auto scan time interval
  • Supports the latest DDC2B VGA monitors
  • USB self-power operation
Question: I have a wireless keyboard that connects to a desktop computer or to a lap top computer via a usb port. Also, I have a separate wireless mouse that connect separately to a desktop computer or lap top computer. So I have 2 separate devices (keyboard & mouse) that require 2 separate USB ports. Would the Startech 2 Port USB KVM Switch (Item # SV231USB) support this configuration?
Answer: Wireless keyboard and mouse compatibility seems to be hit and miss in the KVM market these days. As of yet, there are no companies (that we carry anyhow) that have done extensive testing on utilizing wireless peripherals, so we cannot guarantee their success. We have not had any experience using this particular KVM in a wireless configuration.

Please take a look at this KVM: https://www.kvm-switches-online.com/2svpua20-001.html. The SwitchView offers the USB 2.0 that is often required in a wireless configuration, and we have had some customer success with this product. Again, it is not guaranteed to work, but it seems to be one of the better solutions for our customers so far.

Question: Do I have to set HALT ON ERROR to ALL BUT KEYBOARD on both computers?
Answer: For best operation, we would suggest setting "HALT ON ERROR" to "ALL BUT KEYBOARD" on both computers. Otherwise, if the computer with the non-changed BIOS was the last target on shutdown, you might have issues on boot up.

Question: Does this KVM allow to switch between Computers using a hotkey combination?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this switch supports Hot-Key switching. The manual references two options for switching: either a front panel push button for each target, or an auto scan feature.

Question: Powered by the computer?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This unit ships with a power adapter, so we believe it requires being plugged into a wall outlet.