1:5 Composite Video & s-Video with Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier


The VM-5YCxl is a unique dual-format 1:5 distribution amplifier for composite video and s-Video (Y/C) signals with unbalanced stereo audio. The unit is a truly flexible DA that can handle both composite and s-Video (Y/C) signals and includes built-in high-quality signal format conversion.

Features & Benefits

  • High Bandwidth - 300MHz (-3dB).
  • Dual Format - 1:5 composite video with stereo audio section & 1:5 s-Video (Y/C) with stereo audio.
  • Built-in Bidirectional Format Conversion - 1:10 DA (5 composite & 5 Y/C with stereo audio) for either the composite video or s-Video (Y/C) input.
  • Extra Converted Output Connectors - For each signal type, composite video and s-Video (Y/C), there is a dedicated format converted output.
  • Looping Input.
  • Input Signal Termination.
  • Video AC/DC Coupling Selection.

Product Use Diagram

Product Specifications

Inputs1 composite video with loop, 1Vpp/75Ω on a BNC connector; 1 Y/C with loop, (Y) 1Vpp/75Ω, (C) 0.3Vpp/75Ω on a 4-pin connector; 2 unbalanced stereo audio with loop, 1Vpp/50 kΩ on RCA connectors
Outputs5 composite video, 1Vpp/75Ω on BNC connectors; 5 Y/C, Y=1Vpp/75Ω, C=0.3Vpp/75Ω on 4-pin connectors; 2x5 unbalanced stereo audio, 1Vpp/100Ω on RCA connectors
Video Bandwidth300MHz (composite to composite or Y/C to Y/C)
Audio Bandwidth100kHz
Diff. Gain0.26%
Diff. Phase0.11Deg
Video S/N73.5dB
Audio S/N87.4dB unweighted (1Vpp)
Video Crosstalk-58dB @5MHz
ControlsY/C to Y/C or composite; Composite to composite or Y/C program switches
CouplingDC or AC (video); AC (audio)
Audio THD0.021%; 1kHz
Audio 2nd Harmonic0.003%; 1kHz
Power Consumption230V AC; 50/60Hz (115V AC USA); 12VA
Operating Temperature0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Storage Temperature-40° to +70°C (-40° to 158°F)
Product Dimensions W, D, H19" x 7.20" x 1U (43.6cm x 18.30cm 4.36cm)
Product Weight6.9 lbs (3.1kg)