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Our Best Selling Rackmount Drawer!

1U, 19" Widescreen LCD Monitor

Optional Integrated KVM Switch

Choice of 8 or 16-port KVM over IP

VGA, DVI, BNC or HDMI Video Input

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Non-Blocking KVM over IP

ADDERLink ipeps Uses Real VNC

Remote BIOS Level Access

Virtual Media Support

Up to Four Simultaneous Connections

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1, 2, 4, and 8-User KVM over IP

4, 8, 16, and 32-Server Port Models

CAC/Smart Card Support

Virtual Media

FIPS 140-2 Compliant Cryptography

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1, 2, 4, and 8-User KVM over IP

8, 16, 32 and 64 Server-Ports

Virtual Media over IP

Military Grade Security

30 Frames-Per-Second HD Video

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20+ Years

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KVM over IP
Digital IP KVM Switches

IP KVMs by Digital Users


IP KVM Gateways

IP KVM Gateway

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1 User KVM Over IP

Single User IP KVM

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2 User KVM Over IP

Two User IP KVM

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4 User KVM Over IP

Four User IP KVM

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8 User KVM Over IP

Eight User IP KVM

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Desktop KVM Over IP

Desktop over IP devices

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IP KVMs by Number of Ports


1 Port KVM Over IP

IP KVM Gateway

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4 Port KVM Over IP

Four port IP KVM

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8 Port KVM Over IP

Eight port IP KVM

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16 Port KVM Over IP

16 port IP KVM

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32 Port KVM Over IP

32 port IP KVM

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64 Port KVM Over IP

64 Port IP KVM

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IP KVMs by Manufacturer


Top Selling KVM over IP Switches

Raritan Dominion IP KVMAdder IPEPSADDER ALIF2112T
Raritan Dominion KX II-101 V2 Non-blocked Single Port IP KVM
Single User, 1-Port
IP KVM Gateway
For Only: $388.38

Adder AdderLink IPEPS KVM over IP Solution, Single User, Single Port
1 user, 1-Port
IP KVM Gateway
For Only: $494.10

ADDERLink Dual Link DVI, USB, Audio Extender
Transmitter with Dual Link DVI, USB, Audio Extender and VNC Remote Access
For Only: $1,662.50

Avocent AutoView 3008Raloy RWX119Aten KH1508Ai
Avocent AutoView 1x8 Digital KVM Appliance
Single user, 8-port
KVM over IP switch
For Only: $583.33

Raloy RWX119 1U 19" Widescreen LCD Rack Console
New Item
1U 19" 16:10 LCD Drawer,
w/ KVM Switch options
For Only: $672.00

CAT5 High-Density 8-Port/Single-User KVM over IP Switch
Single Pathway, 8-Port
CAT5 IP KVM Switch
For Only: $745.81

Adder AVX4016IPRaritan DKX3-108Raritan DLX-116
AdderView  4 User, 16-port IP KVM switch
Four Pathways, 16-Port
KVM over IP Switch
For Only: $2,155.50

Raritan 1 User, 8 Port KVM Over IP Switch
1 User, 8 Port
KVM Over IP Switch
For Only: $1,620.81

Raritan Dominion LX Series 16-port KVM over IP Switch, 1 remote, 1 local user
Single User, 16-Port IP KVM
w/ Virtual Media
For Only: $831.08

CyberView IP-1602 IP KVM w/CablesCyberview MU-IP1613Rose Vista Remote2 KVR-1R4UA/OV/2
16-Port Single User USB & PS/2 KVM-over-IP Switch w/ Cables
Single Pathway, 16-port
IP KVM w/ Cables
For Only: $913.00

16-Port Matrix Multi-User Cat6 IP KVM Switch, 3 Consoles
1 IP/1 Remote/1 Local,
16-Port Matrix IP KVM
For Only: $1,336.00

Rose Electronics Vista Remote2 4-Port IP KVM Switch
Single Pathway, 4-Port
KVM over IP Switch
For Only: $1,048.11

Raritan DKX3-116Raritan DKX3-232
Raritan 1 User, 16 Port KVM Over IP Switch
1 User, 16 Port
KVM Over IP Switch
For Only: $2,755.95

Raritan 2 User, 32 Port KVM Over IP Switch
2 User, 32 Port
KVM Over IP Switch
For Only: $4,053.24

Top Considerations For Choosing A KVM over IP Switch

Remote Server Access (KVM Over IP) products are a new breed of non-intrusive hardware based solutions which allow you both in-band and out-of-band access to all the servers connected to your KVM switch. Utilizing advanced security and regardless of operating system, these KVM Over IP products allow you to remotely control all your servers/CPU's including pre-boot functions such as editing CMOS settings and power cycling your servers. These KVM Over IP products allow you access via your internal LAN/WAN, and connectivity via the Internet or dial in access via ISDN or standard 56K modems.

When deciding which KVM over IP solution is right for any data center application, carefully consider the following:

  • What expansion options, for both users and servers, does this KVM switch offer?
  • Are there any cable length limitations?
  • How much additional cabling will be required?
  • Does the KVM switch require coax cable, single or dual CAT5, or fiber optic? Some KVM over IP solutions offer more than one cabling option. Cable type is an important feature when considering cost and ease of installation.
  • Does the KVM switch offer multi-platform support? For non-PC environments, does the KVM perform keyboard mapping or allow native keyboard support?
  • Does the KVM over IP device offer enough security for a particular installation?
  • Does the KVM offer any sort of redundancy to protect against failure?  How would a failure of any of the KVM switches components affect the servers and user's ability to control them?
  • How is KVM extension handled?
  • Does the KVM offer both IP and in-band options?
  • What are the KVM switch's power cycling options?
  • Are there specific space constraints in the current data center environment?
To compare different KVM over IP solutions from the leading vendors you might be interested in KVM Switches Online's interactive KVM Comparison Tool.

KVM Extender vs. Digital KVM Extender (KVM Over IP)

There is often a misconception of the difference between a KVM Extender and KVM Over IP. The general definition of a KVM Extender is a device that allows you to extend the distance between your console (Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse and other peripherals) and your computer. In that sense KVM Over IP technology is a KVM Extender but it is much more than that.

The most versatile extender is a Digital KVM Extender or KVM Over IP. Due to trademark issues there are many different terms that mean accessing your computer(s) over the internet. The most common term is KVM Over IP. Digital KVM Extenders allow you to access your computer over the internet with varying degrees of options and security. KVM Over IP can be used to access a single server or a whole data center depending on the unit you purchase. The category is too large to cover in one paragraph so that will be the topic of a later post.

KVM Over IP is great when you need to access your computer(s) from outside of the building or in a building where you can not have a Cat5 cable point-to-point. There are software packages out there that allow you to access your computer over the internet and they are much less expensive than KVM Over IP but they have limitations. If the software locks up you have no way to fix it. If you need to reboot your computer you will lose your connection. With a hardware based solution you are able to act like you are sitting in front of the computer without worrying about the software locking up.

KVM Over IP is generally used in Data Center or Server Room environments where they have a large number of servers to control or when there is a critical server that someone may need to access when they are not in the office. KVM Over IP is not geared towards the home user and the price reflects that.

If you have any questions about which extender would be the best for your scenario feel free to Contact Us.

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