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Adder AdderView CATx 1x8 KVMA Switch


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Ports: 8 Computers
Users: 1 Concurrent
User Type: Local + Extended
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The AdderView CATx AVX1008 is an 8-port secure KVM via CATx switch that provides local and remote access for a user that wishes to control up to 8 multi-platform servers. A 'plug-and-play', half width1U appliance, the AdderView AVX1008 is a self-contained system that installs in minutes combining high security, flexibility, integrated power control, faultless video quality and CD quality audio.

Adder AVX1008 Features:

  • High video quality (1920 x 1200) with full DDC support
  • 8 computer connections, single user
  • USB style local console connection
  • CATx extension port for remote user and easy cascade
  • Stereo digital audio at CD quality (44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo)
  • Integrated cascade port (located on front of unit) enables cascades using CATx cable only
  • Cascade port can also be used to connect a remote user station (X100 or X200) up to 300m/1000ft away, thereby supporting a remote user
  • Supports switch to computer distances of 20m/65ft
  • Is fully compatible with the new X200 series remote units that support USB keyboards and mice
  • Two units can be mounted side by side in 1U of rack space

Adder AVX1008 Specifications:

Height 1.76 in. (120 mm.)
Width 7.92 in. (44 mm.)
Depth 4.80 in. (122 mm.)
Weight 1.65 lbs. (750 g.)
Operating Temperature OC to 40C / 32F to 104F
Voltage 100-240VAC, 6A, 50/60Hz
Connection 2.5mm DC jack
Supported Hardware Supports PC, RS/6000, Alpha, SGI, Sun and Apple with USB/PS/2/Sun MiniDin8 keyboard and mouse and VGA video interfaces
Supported Software Operates with all known software and operating systems including Windows (all); DOS; Linux, Unix, BSD; all Sun OS; all Mac OS; NetWare, etc.
Computer Connection at Switch RJ45
Computer Connection at computer  
Video HDD15
Keyboard/Mouse choice of USB, PS/2 and Sun MiniDin8
Local KVM console connection  
Video HDD15
Keyboard/Mouse MiniDin6 / USB type A, Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack
Other connectors Network/IP: RJ45 10/100 autosensing (IP version only), DB9 female for flash upgrade, syncing boxes and other special functions. DB9 male for RS232 triggered power switches. DB9 Male (AdderView CATxIP only) for modem connection.
Approvals CE, FCC