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KVM Switches Online is a DirectNET company. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering the best in data center infrastructure and management solutions. We have served 140,000 clients from over 100,000 client companies. We proudly represent the market and technology leaders in datacenter cooling, power, environmental monitoring, KVM, server cabinet enclosures, and rack mount products. Our dedication, focus and expertise has earned us the #1 VAR award and top reseller status with virtually all of the industry's top manufacturers. Be sure to check out our other e-commerce store, Server Racks Online well as our data center solutions site, 42U.

25+ Years Experience

We are dedicated to being technically knowledgeable on all Server Room, Data Center, and NOC Solutions, especially Server Management & Server Space Optimization Solutions utilizing High-End KVM Matrix Switching Products. We commit to being experts on the solutions we provide. Our expertise is gained through hands-on experience, training, and creation of industry best practices.

140,000+ Clients

KVM Switches Online has served thousands of customers, ranging from small business to Fortune 500 clients. We strive to deliver superior technical knowledge and the highest level of both pre-sales and post-sales support and service. Our customers depend on us to deliver mission-critical solutions in every environment. clients-portfolio

Our technical engineers are experienced in working closely with our clients' technical engineers, project managers, and datacenter managers by asking the right questions to ensure that we learn what their current and future needs are and how the products and solutions we offer can best meet those needs.

Vendor Independent

We are an independent provider of the most powerful and scalable products available from the Industry's leading manufacturers. We provide complete unbiased guidance on selecting and developing your solution. This allows us to carefully assess each technology and evaluate and recommend the best solution for your particular application. Our Preferred KVM Switch Vendors are those manufacturers with the lowest percentage of merchandise returns, robust warranty programs, and comprehensive customer support.

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