Rackmount Monitor & Keyboard Drawers

Access your servers at-the-rack with a compact console drawer

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    Raloy RWX119 19 Inch Rackmount Monitor Console Drawer - VGA, DVI, BNC, or HDMI - 8 to 32 Port KVM

    Raloy RWX119

    1U 19" Widescreen Console Drawer
    High Contrast Samsung LCD
    VGA, DVI, BNC or HDMI Video Input
    Optional 8 to 32 Port Integrated KVM
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    Raloy RF117HD 17 Inch LED Rackmount Monitor Console Drawer - MAC keyboard available - VGA, DVI - 8 to 32 Port KVM

    Raloy RF117HD

    1U 17" LCD Console Drawer
    1080P LED Backlit
    VGA & DVI, or HDMI Video Input
    Optional 8 to 32 Port Integrated KVM
    MAC Style Keyboard Available
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    Raloy RD119 Dual Slide Rackmount Monitor Console Drawer - VGA, DVI, BNC or HDMI, 8 to 32 Port KVM

    Raloy RD119

    1U 19" Dual-Slide Console Drawer
    Independent Rails For Keyboard & Monitor
    VGA, DVI, BNC or HDMI Video Input
    Optional 8 to 32 Port Integrated KVM
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    CyberView RP-119WD 19 Inch Quad Multiviewer LCD Panel


    1U 19" LED-Backlit LCD drawer
    Built-in Quad Display
    Sliding LCD - keep open when the rack door is closed
    Ideal for CCTV security & industrial control
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Top Selling Rackmount Monitors

Why Integrate KVM Into Rackmount Drawer?

Consolidate your server environment for convenient & streamlined at-the-rack access by integrating a KVM Switch into your Console Drawer.

Rackmount Drawer with Integrated KVM

Rackmount Monitor Styles

Rackmount LCD Monitors with Keyboard and optional KVM Switch allow you to save valuable rack space by consolidating your Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse into 1 or 2 U's of rack space. With adding the optional KVM Switch you can control all the computers in your rack as well.

Rack mount LCDs allow you to attach a monitor to your rack for constant monitoring of mission-critical systems. They are easier on the eye and allow you to store items behind them. These rackmount panels are ideal for applications in which you would need to monitor the devices in your rack(s) on a frequent basis and/or access to the rack is secured.

Beyond panels, sliding rackmount monitor drawers can be purchased without keyboards or pointing devices, which allow you to have a full sized monitor that slides back into the rack for convenient space-saving storage. Available in 15" and 17" sizes that store in 1U of space, these drawers offer the functionality of being able to quickly view the display, without the need for more rack space for storage and mounitng. Both panels and drawers are available with optional touchscreen screens.

Rackmount Keyboards are optimized for racks to reduce clutter and be more efficient. With trackball included you can remove all cables coming from the keyboard and mouse for a cleaner installation.

How to Select a Rackmount Monitor

When selecting your next rackmount monitor, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I need KVM support?
    Many rackmount monitors include an integrated KVM to save rack space. With numerous styles available, nearly any configuration can be incorporated, including KVM-over-IP remote access.
  2. What Type of mounting rails does my server rack have?
    Server rack rail stylesDifferent server racks have different mounting rails. Modern racks have universal M6 rails for cage nuts (square holes). Older racks, with round holes, may require very specific mounting equipment. These older mounting rails are typically tapped (threaded) for either a 10-32 or 12-24 screw.

    Make sure to verify the selected rackmount monitor will mount correctly in your server rack.

    Also note: rackmount monitor drawers are not suited for use in 2-post relay racks.
  3. Are there special depth requirements?
    Depending on your particular rack configuration, you may need a monitor drawer of a specific depth. While most drawers are built to fit standard rack depths, a subset are built for shorter depth applications.
  4. Do I need independently sliding drawers?
    If monitoring at the rack, while the doors are closed is a concern, you may want to consider a dual sliding monitor drawer / keyboard combo. Dual slide drawers allow the keyboard to be stored while the monitor remains up. These dual slide units combine the visibility of a rackmounted LCD panel with the convenience of a keyboard drawer, in a single unit. While many of these drawers occupy 2U of rack space, a number of new dual slide drawers come in a compact 1U size.
  5. Is touchscreen integration required?
    There are two ways to address touchscreens: actual touchscreen capable monitors (for use in kiosks, etc.), and the ability to integrate with touchscreen enabled devices. Both provide unique sets of challenges. A number of our monitor drawers and panels can have optional e-Resistive or e-Capacitive touch screen overlays added. For touchscreen enabled device options, contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative.

How to Connect Your New Rackmount Monitor

Most Rackmount Monitors, such as the Raloy RWX119, come with a 6ft combo KVM cable. Once mounted in the server rack, simply connect the DB-15 or CAT5 connection to the monitor drawer and connect the video input and the USB connector to the server.

Raloy USB Style rackmount monitor connection

Connecting the Raloy RWX119 Rack Mount Monitor to a USB equipped server

Connecting a rackmount monitor, like the RWX119, to an existing KVM is equally easy, simply connect the included 6-foot combo KVM cable to the local console ports of the rackmounted KVM.

Raloy USB Style rackmount monitor connection to a KVM

Connecting the Raloy RWX119 Rack Mount Monitor to a KVM Switch