Work From Home and the Hybrid Workplace

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The Evolving Workplace

The workforce has been changed forever. Many would argue that the integration of work-from-home policies was inevitable. Still, undoubtedly, 2019 expedited our need to confront and come to terms with the procedures required to continue productivity in a rapidly changing world. The drastic change in such a short time has created a deep need for technologies that address the communication requirements of a workforce spread outside the office. Evolving to address the challenges created by work-from-home policies and the hybridization of the workplace is what will separate many companies from the competition. Companies that are flexible and innovative in their approach to these issues will likely see more productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

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Communication in a New World

Investing in employee technology is one of the great lessons companies don't have to learn the hard way. Supplying employees with the technology they need to function shows them that they are valued. Nothing is more frustrating than being ready to accomplish a task and having the technology and equipment hinder the ability to work. Streamlining employee efficiency is a must, and upfront investment in the hardware and software is the best way to ensure the path to productivity is clear of any roadblocks.

Investing in the Future

Communication is vital when the workforce isn't in on location. Good communication software and practices are a great way to instill collaboration. Video conferencing is one of the fastest-changing practices in the workforce right now, but that doesn't mean that conferencing is free of issues. Problems like audio and video syncing, lag or delay, and audio echo from speakers feeding into microphones are just a few that can make the experience a dread for all involved. Removing barriers from a practical and authentic meeting experience is crucial to focus on the meeting rather than the form the meeting takes.

Video conferencing solutions can be a great way to ensure the highest quality video conferencing and reduce many barriers organizers find difficult. Conference cameras and integrated speakerphones drastically improve the experience compared to built-in laptop webcams. High video resolution removes the sensation of distance and disconnectedness caused by the grainy image quality. When including multiple people in one camera window, having a conference cam with an increased field of view adds a fantastic sense of depth and immersion lost when manually rotating a camera to include other members of the meeting. Many conference solutions include custom-tuned microphones and speakers to avoid the dreaded feedback from the audio coming from the speakers going into the microphone. The multitude of features these cameras have made a video conference more immersive and enjoyable, and they come at several different price points, making it easy to outfit the office space and home office.

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Functions for a USB Hub

A USB hub can streamline device management and declutter the workspace when creating a well-organized and clean workstation. The adoption of work from home and hybridization schedules made the use of laptops even more popular, and increasing the number of available ports for devices is a must. USB hubs are handy tools when transferring files between multiple devices simultaneously. USB hubs provide great value in recreational gaming if a gaming laptop is used, allowing a portable gaming setup wherever needed.

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While the world has changed, there are numerous ways to accommodate and adapt to fit the needs of our evolving workforce. With new practices come new challenges that might be scary initially, but finding a resolution is always a relief, and video conferencing solutions can promote immersion and collaboration. The goal is always to stay ahead of changes, but when that's not possible, adapting and staying flexible is how we can stay at the forefront of change.

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