Minicom by Tripplite PS/2 to USB Converter


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The Minicom by Tripplite 0DT60002 is a PS/2 to USB Converter which is a small, plug & play converter that transforms PS/2 equipment from outdated devices to valuable tools for today's data centers.

Rather than advocate "rip and replace" IT solutions, Minicom by Tripplite's Real Needs approach preserves past investments by repurposing and updating existing IT equipment. Once you have gone through the hassle of setting up a KVM switch, for example, it is inconvenient and expensive to throw it out and start from scratch. With the PS/2 to USB Converter, your life at the rack only gets easier: you can now use your KVM switch with a new generation USB keyboard and mouse. Whether your PS/2 KVM switches are from Minicom by Tripplite or not, you can still extend the life of the IT equipment that you already bought.

With the PS/2 to USB Converter, you can use your PS/2 device (KVM switches, KVM extenders, and servers) with a USB keyboard and mouse.  Unlike other converters, the PS/2 to USB Converter accommodates multiple permutations of keyboard and mice combinations:

  • Supports USB keyboard with USB mouse
  • Supports USB keyboard with PS/2 mouse
  • Supports USB mouse with PS/2 keyboard

Minicom by Tripplite 0DT60002 Features:

  • Compatible with PS/2 servers/KVM switches/KVM extenders
  • Extends the life of legacy PS/2 equipment
  • Pure hardware solution - no software/network conflicts
  • No need for external power
  • Compact size
  • Plug & play
  • 3 year warranty

Minicom by Tripplite PS/2 to USB Converter Application Diagram
Minicom by Tripplite PS/2 to USB Converter Application Diagram

Minicom by Tripplite 0DT60002 Specifications:

Dimensions 3.54 x 1.18 in.
(90 x 30 mm.)
Operating Temperature 0° C to 40° C/32° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature -40° C to 40° C/-40° F to 104° F
Power Gets power from KB or Mouse PS/2 ports. No external power needed
Connectors (2) 6 pin mini DIN, (2) USB Type A
Keyboard Type Compatible with most keyboards; supports 104 keys only
Approved Agency FCC and CE class A