Minicom by Tripplite Smart 232 IP KVM Switch



Replaced by: Tripp Lite B072-032-IP2
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The Minicom by Tripplite Smart 232 IP multi-user IP KVM Switch which enables one local and two remote users, access and control of up to 32 servers. In addition, two remote users can operate serial sessions for controlling serial devices such as routers, managed network switches or PDU's. These rack-mountable, 1U sized switches feature KVM over CAT5 technology that directly connects the switch to each computer in the server room, eliminating cable clutter and providing up to 30m/100ft of distance between server and switch. The Smart 232 IP has built-in web servers enabling two remote users seamless access to target servers via a single IP address.  This IP KVM Switch offers seamless integration into Minicom by Tripplite's centralized management system - KVM.netĘ II.

Minicom by Tripplite Smart 216 IP
Minicom by Tripplite Smart 232 IP Back

Minicom by Tripplite Smart 232 IP Features:

  • 3 simultaneous KVM users (2 remote and 1 local)
  • 2 additional serial session users
  • BIOS level access
  • USB keyboard and mouse console
  • Compatible with KVM.netĘ II centralized management system
  • Minicom by Tripplite KVM over CAT5 technology
  • Multi-platform - PS/2 and USB support
  • Extends distance between servers and switch up to 30 meters/100 feet
  • Space saving - sleek, 1U rack mountable
  • Seamless power control

Minicom by Tripplite Smart 216 IP/232 IP Application Diagram
Minicom by Tripplite Smart 216 IP/232 IP Application Diagram

Minicom by Tripplite 0SU70037 Specifications:

Height 1.7 in. (44 mm.)
Width 17 in. (431 mm.)
Depth 10.6 in. (270 mm.)
Weight 5.165 lbs. (2.343 kg.)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C / 32° F to 104°F
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C / -40° F to 158°F
Humidity 80% non-condensing relative humidity
Supply 100 - 240 VAC 50 / 60 Hz
Operating System  
Target Server Windows, Novell, Linux, SUN Solaris
Client Computer Windows 2000 or higher with IE 6.0 or higher and ActiveX
Target Server 1600x1200@85Hz
Client Computer Recommended: Resolution should be higher than local computer resolution
Video & Mouse Sync Both auto and manual modes
Distance Switch to ROCs 100 ft. (30 m.)
Security 128-bit SSL encryption
System Cable ROC to Switch CAT5 UTP/FTP Solid Wire 2x4x24 AWG
Connection Type  
Ethernet RJ45 - 10/100 Mbit/sec autosensing
Serial RJ45 x 2
Local KVM Connection Screen HDD15, keyboard/mouse - 2 USB
Servers RJ45
Question: I Need a multi-IP KVM switch. Number of computers 30, The output DVI and USB, the number of users 2-4, Distance of 100-150 meters. Thanks
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Please contact you KVM Switches Online sales engineer toll free at 1-877-586-6654 to discuss your project in greater detail.

Question: Can i switch on power (when server is off) using smart 232 IP Back?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Typically for cold boot ability, you will need a remote power control enabled PDU (Power Distribution Unit).

Question: I am looking for a Minicom KVM switch SMART 116 IP. We are resellers in dubai. Please get a supplier contact in UAE
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Miniocm Smart 116 IP is now manufactured by Tripp Lite. You can find a local retailer on the following page: