Minicom Digital Signage CAT5 UTP Video Splitter



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Please note, the 0VS21001 is no longer available and there is no direct replacement provided by the manufacturer. For upgrade options, please contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative at 1-877-586-6654.

The ComQi 0VS21001 is an UTP VGA SPLITTER REMOTE 110m / 360ft (220V).

The CAT5 UTP VGA Splitter simultaneously broadcasts, in real-time, video images to multiple remote screens. Using advanced CAT5 cable technology video images can be broadcast to distances of up to 250m/820ft. Cascaded it can broadcast to dozens of screens simultaneously. The CAT5 VGA Splitter is the best solution for places where there is a need for sharing of information, in real-time, at multiple locations. For example: corporate showrooms, banks/stock exchanges, trade shows, training centers, train/bus stations and airports.

ComQi 0VS21001 Features:

  • Broadcast real-time video to multiple display locations
  • Advanced CAT5 technology - low density cabling that is easy to install
  • Broadcast to distances of up to 250m/820ft
  • Pure hardware solution - no software conflicts
  • Supports high resolution video - 1280x1024 @75 Hz
  • Sturdy metal casing


ComQi 0VS21001 Application Diagram
ComQi 0VS21001 Application Diagram

 ComQi 0VS21001 Specifications:

Width Central Unit- 7.78 in. (197 mm.)
Remote Unit- 4.45 in. (113 mm.)
Height Central Unit- 1.6 in. (41 mm.)
Remote Unit- 1.6 in. (41 mm.)
Depth Central Unit- 4.65 in. (118 mm.)
Remote Unit- 3.56 in. (90.5 mm.)
UTP VGA Splitter System Requirements  
Computer IBM, (SUN, MAC with Video convertors) and their 100% compatibles
Video VGA, SVGA, XGA, and Monochrome
Video Specifications  
Video Signal Red, Green, Blue: 0.7Vp-p/75 Ohm positive
Resolution Up to 1600x 1200 @ 60Hz (depending on cable length)
Horizontal Sync positive/negative
Vertical Sync positive/negative
Impedance 75 Ohm
Cable & Connectors CAT5 UTP Cable; 2x4x24 AWG; RJ45
Power 230V/120V 9V AC
Transmitting Distance 250m/825ft
Resolution Up to 1600x 1200 @ 60Hz (depending on cable length)
Support Composite Sync, Sync on Green, Separate HV Sync
Operating temperature 0° C to 40° C/32° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature -40° C to 40° C/-40° F to 104° F
Certifications CE