Minicom Digital Signage CAT 5 RS232 Extender


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The Minicom DS 0VS22013A is a low cost CAT5 RS-232 hardware-based solution providing remote access and control of any RS-232 protocol device. With regular RS-232 devices you are limited to an immediate area of control. The 0VS22013A CAT5 RS-232 Extender extends control to over 1000m/3300ft. This provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility in your topology. Now you can place RS-232 devices in any location you want and control them remotely. The RS-232 Extender also provides full duplex transmission and is compatible with all RS-232 protocol.

Thanks to its power functionality the CAT5 RS-232 Extender is an excellent solution for a variety of applications and environments. For example:

  • Place a touch screen outdoors and have it control a computer indoors (with KVM extender)
  • Control a Creston presentation unit remotely
  • Transfer data or files between computers

This Cat5 extender is plug and play therefore installation is quick and easy.  The system itself is composed of two units both made of sturdy metal casing:

  1. Local Unit
  2. Remote Unit

The two units are connected via advanced CAT5 cabling. Because the CAT5 is extremely thin it is easy to install and does not create cable clutter. A single power supply is used to power the system and it can be placed at either end depending on where it is most convenient.

Minicom DS CAT5 RS232 Extender Diagram
Minicom DS CAT5 RS232 Extender Diagram

Minicom DS 0VS22013A Features:
  • Sends RS-232 data at 57.6 kbps up to 1000m/3300ft
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Compatible with all RS-232 protocol
  • Low cost solution
  • Advanced CAT5 technology low density cabling that is easy to install
  • Pure hardware solution real time data transfer, no software conflicts
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • Single power supply placed at any end you choose
  • 3 year warranty

Minicom DS RS-232 Extender Technical Specifications:

Mechanical Local Unit Remote Unit
Height 0.91 in. (23 mm.) 0.91 in. (23 mm.)
Width 2.95 in. (75 mm.) 2.95 in. (75 mm.)
Depth 1.77 in. (45 mm.) 1.77 in. (45 mm.)
Weight 0.26 lb. (0.12 kg.) 0.26 lb. (0.12 kg.)
DB9 Pin Out    
Pin 1   N/A
Pin 2 Received Data N/A
Pin 3 Transmit Data N/A
Pin 4 Data Terminal Ready N/A
Pin 5 Signal Ground N/A
Pin 6 Data Set Ready N/A
Pin 7 Request To Send N/A
Pin 8 Clear To Send N/A
Pin 9   N/A
System RJ45
Power Jack
RS232 DB9M
System Cable CAT5 UTP
Maximum Distance 1000m/3,300ft
Operating Temperature 0° to 40° C
Storage Temperature -40 - 70° C
Supply Power Adapter 12VDC 1A