Minicom Digital Signage 8-Port Cat5 Audio Video Display Broadcaster



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The Mincom DS  AVDS-B is an 8-port Audio Video Display Broadcaster over CATx; part of the Minicom DS Audio Video Display System (AVDS).  Minicom DS's AVDS is the quickest, most efficient way to move multimedia content from a player to multiple displays.  A one-to-many or point-to-multi-point system for transmission of high quality audio and video, the AVDS transmits rich multimedia content, in real time, from any type of player/computer to multiple display devices over standard CAT5 cable.

AVDS provides the flexibility you need for a customized digital signage installation, allowing you to set up your display devices up to 110m/360ft from its player/computer. Displays can be mounted strategically in public view, while the hardware needed to run the multimedia content is kept behind closed doors and out of public reach.  Delivery of rich, dynamic content via an out-of-band system like the AVDS is the most reliable way to ensure real time display without burdening the network.

It is also one of the more cost effective ways to get a digital signage system up and running in your place of business. Plasmas with built in CPU, which are needed for network content delivery, cost three times as much as regular plasma screens. For large displays with tens or hundreds of plasmas, the cost can be prohibitive; a dedicated, out-of-band system like the AVDS lowers the cost of the display significantly.

The Minicom DS AVDS consists of the following components (each sold separately):

  • Broadcaster/Transmitter (8 port) and Compact Control Unit
  • Line Splitter (8 port)
  • Remote receiver for every display device (2 types available)

Minicom DS Audio Video Display System Application Diagram
Minicom DS Audio Video Display System Application Diagram

Minicom DS Audio Video Display System Features & Benefits:

  • Distribution to hundreds of display screens over flexible CATx cable
  • HDTV 1080p,1920x1080 @60Hz (depending on cable length)
  • Extend displays up to 110m/360ft from the player/computer
  • Out-of-band - frees network from heavy image transfer
  • No player or computer needed at display end
  • Optional Remote On/Off Screen Control.

Minicom DS AVDS-B Broadcaster Unit Specifications:

Height1.6 in. (42 mm.)
Width5.9 in. (150 mm.)
Depth3.7 in. (94 mm.)
Operating Temperature 0° C to 40° C/32° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature -40° C to 70° C/-40° F to 158° F
Humidity 80% non condensing relative humidity
PowerAC/DC Power Adapter 12VDC 2A
System Out8 x RJ45
System In1 x RJ45
Audio Line In/Out2 x  mono audio 3.5mm Mini Jack
Mic In/Headphone Out2 x 3.5mm Mini Jack
Horizontal/Vertical Sync PolarityPositive/Negative
SyncTTL compatible
ResolutionHDTV 1080p,1920x1080 @60Hz (depending on cable length)
Audio Frequency Response150Hz-5kHz
Input/Output Analog signal red, green, blue 0.7v p-p 75 Ohm
System CableCAT5/5e/6/7 Shielded FTP/UTP cable 2 x 4 x 24AWG solid wire cable Power Remote & Remote Long can work with UTP cable
Maximum Distance250m (825ft)

The Minicom DS AVDS-B was formally known as the 0VS22014, 0VS22014A,OVS22014 or OVS22014A