Aten 10' PS2/PS2/VGA KVM Cable



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The Aten 2L1003P is for use with the following switches: CS12, CS14, CS912, CS914, CS124A, CS138A, CS142, CS82A, CS84A, CS88A, CS9134, CS9138, KH98

Function 2L1003P
CPU Connectors
Keyboard 6 pin mini-DIN male
Monitor 15 pin HDB male
Mouse 6 pin mini-DIN male
Length 10
KVM Side Connections
Keyboard 6 pin mini-DIN male
Monitor 15 pin HDB female
Mouse 6 pin mini-DIN male
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 672792105166
EAN 0672792105166
Question: my hp desktop come w/o ps/2 port for connection, can use convertor to connect to KVM switch ?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Conversion is never ideal and compatibility would depend largely on the type/brand of KVM in use as well as the operating system of the target computer.

Unfortunately, we have not had much luck converting USB to function with a PS/2 KVM. If it would work, it would likely require some form of active conversion.