Lightwave ServerSwitch 8200



Recommended replacement: Adder DDX10
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The Lightwave ServerSwitch 8200 is an active, microprocessor controlled switching device which allows keyboard, monitor and mouse signals to be switched among two users and eight Sun computers. Keyboard, video and mouse signals are all switched transparently to each computer, eliminating the interruption of active server processes. The Lightwave ServerSwitch 8200 is fully compatible with Sun keyboards, mice and graphic monitors, allowing the user to view and interact with full-color graphics programs.

Now with both 13W3 and HD15 connections.

  • No more Sun cabling confusion
  • Accommodates all Sun Graphics Cards

Keyboard emulation is supplied at all times to all computers, regardless of switch position, thereby eliminating interruptions which would occur when a processor detects a missing keyboard. All video channels are passed transparently along with their respective monitor sense lines, allowing a correct video setup.

The Lightwave ServerSwitch 8200 has dedicated cascade ports, is rack mountable and has on-screen menus for greater ease of use. To further extend the capabilities of the Lightwave ServerSwitch 8200 for long distances (up to 10,000 feet, 3048m), a Lightwave VDE/200 Video Display Extension System may be added. With Lightwave's ServerSwitch 8200, administering your Sun Servers has never been easier.

Specifications of:

Lightwave ServerSwitch 8200

Chassis Capacity: Up to 8 Servers / Up to 2 Users
Physical Dimensions: 3.5" (88.89mm) H x 17.5" (444.5mm) Wx 8" (203.2mm) D
Weight: 15 pounds (6.75mm)
Power Requirements: 115/230 V 50/60 Hz 20W Switch fused
Operating Temperature: 32F - 125F (0C - 51.6C)

Server and User Interface
Video: RGB / RGB Composite Sync. / RGB Sep. H&V Sync.
Keyboard / Mouse: Sun Type 5c or compatible

Connector Types
Video: 13W3 Female and HD15 Female
Keyboard / Mouse: 8-pin mini-DIN Female
Control IN: DB9 Female
Control OUT: DB9 Female

Power Requirement: Universal Supply 115/230V, 50/60 Hz, 20W

Warranty: 12 months from date of purchase. Extended warranties available.