Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16



Recommended replacement: Raritan MCCAT216
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The Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 is an active microprocessor-controlled switch for use with PC-based computers. Each Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 unit switches keyboard, mouse, and video signals between sixteen CPUs and two users. The PC Lightwave ServerSwitch 2x16 can be cascaded so that two users can control up to 96 PCs.

Users may interact with attached computers using a keyboard, mouse, and monitor as if they were directly connected to the CPUs. Keyboard emulation is provided at all times to attached CPUs, eliminating interruptions that may occur when a server detects a missing keyboard. Also, the keyboard status lights for each server port are stored by the Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 so that the user's keyboard instantly assumes the correct keyboard status light configuration when a user switches to the server port. The attached PCs provide power for each server port's keyboard and mouse emulation, so emulation is provided regardless of the power state of the Lightwave PC ServerSwitch.

Rack-mounted servers are quickly becoming the standard in the PC server world. The Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 can be mounted in the same rack as the connected CPUs, reducing the space required to administer multiple servers. An on-screen display allows users to easily switch between attached servers and configure the Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 from their GUI workstation.

Each switch has 16 sets of switched inputs and 2 sets of common outputs, which are compatible with standard PS/2 cabling. Each set is comprised of an HD15 Female video connector and 6 pin mini-DIN connectors for the keyboard and mouse. To cascade, the RS-232 control ports are connected while video is sent from the "User/Output" port to the "Cascade IN - A & B" port. Cascade
Lightwave PC ServerSwitches without turning off or disturbing previously configured switches. See specifications for cabling information.


  • Superior Graphics - The Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 features the server management industry's best video performance.

  • No single point of failure - Attached PCs will not crash if the Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 loses power.

  • Ease of Use - Switch from PCs using on-screen menus accessed directly from the keyboard.

  • Multi-user - Two users can interact with all attached PCs

  • Standard cabling - No special cables used; PCs are connected using standard 6-pin mini-DIN and HD15 cables.

  • Cost Savings - Eliminate costly monitor and keyboard expenditures while conserving valuable server room space

  • Cascade without losing a port - Dedicated cascade ports allow all units in a cascade to have 16 connected servers.

  • Name server ports - Users can name server connections for more intuitive selection of servers.

  • Independence - Each PC operates independently, ensuring that a crash of one server will not affect other servers. The Lightwave PC ServerSwitch 2x16 operates separately from any network, preventing inoperability due to network problems.

  • On-screen Display - On-screen menus provide an easy way to switch and configure the system