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UltraHD Video Solutions

4K, Easily Available in Homes Everywhere.

4K TVs are already on the market, and new products are consistently being added that can handle UltraHD and higher resolutions. Market leaders like Netflix and YouTube have already integrated 4K-capable technology into their systems and have began testing it with consumers. Expect the pace of adoption to quicken as more customers come to expect these higher resolutions as the new standard.

Go ahead, get that big screen TV. UltraHD can handle it.

UltraHD is Ultra Clear

Crisp and clear when viewed at any distance, it's as if pixels disappear and the screen shows reality at its true resolution.

The Impact of Extra Pixels

By increasing the amount of pixels in an inch of screen space, image detail is greatly increased and provides a much greater sense of depth. Color reproduction is enhanced as more room is available for blends and tonal shifts, generating vivid and ultra-realistic images.

It's easy to see the difference. Whether Ultra HD technology is used inside the home for a family night in or as a display within a retail store, the enhanced viewing experience of Ultra HD makes it a must have.

How It Started

In 2002, the major film studios formed the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), an organization focused on converting outdated and costly analog film systems to modern digital systems that would benefit from the fast growing digital technologies.

DCI created a set of standards that cinemas should meet in converting to digital; one standard being that newly installed digital projectors must deliver 2K or 4K resolution.

Over a decade later, DCI and other initiatives have accounted for more than 20,000 4K projectors globally, with 40% of all US commercial screens now capable of showing UltraHD resolutions.

The Appeal of 4K to Moviegoers

Unlike lower resolution digital formats, when 35mm film is scanned in 4K, the natural grain, detail, and textures are kept in the picture. Older movies retain their heralded classic look, and new movies showcase the subtlety and color refinement of 35mm images. Mastering in digital 4K ensures that movies do not lose their quality, and audiences can enjoy the film as it was meant to be seen.

4K in the Professional World

A growing number of broadcast organizations are testing 4K broadcast streams, and have already captured shows in 4K. The amount of 4K broadcasting is likely to continue growing quickly in the coming years.

Critical Viewing / Video Playback
"Did the ball cross the line?" It's what every coach and referee needs to know. "Enhance...Enhance..." It's what every Loss Prevention team wants. 4K video solves any discrepancies by providing a high resolution feed that can be zoomed in on without losing clarity.