Lightwave PCU-8 Power Cycle Unit



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The Lightwave PCU8 is a remote reboot device that controls up to 8 devices by simply turning the power off, waiting a desired period of time, and then turning power on. The Lightwave PCU8 takes its commands from a serial interface. When the Lightwave PCU8 is integrated with a Lightwave ConsoleServer (Model 800, 1620, or 3200) it can also receive its commands from the network or optional modem connection. The PCU8 also has front-panel switches for local power control of attached devices.

When more than 8 devices need to be controlled, the Lightwave PCU8 can be cascaded with additional units, to control up to 72 devices using a common user interface. Simple commands are entered into the password-protected system, and the System Administrator has complete control of the connected devices. Reboot any individual device, a group of systems or peripherals, or all connected devices.

The Lightwave PCU8 uses solid state zero-crossing relays for silent switching of attached devices, friendly to manned environments. The zero crossing relays ensure that expensive equipment is not harmed by power spikes which can occur by merely "throwing a switch" or closing a relay. Programmed time delays for a progressive startup of controlled devices allows a smooth recovery. Power Failure Recovery ensures that no one has to be there to start up the network if a power failure occurs.


  • The Lightwave PCU8 has individual control of 8 AC devices

  • Multiple Lightwave PCU8 units can be cascaded to control up to 72 devices

  • Programmable Port and Port Group Names - user can assign meaningful device names, up to 16 characters long

  • Lightwave PCU8 Flexible Control - All outlets can be controlled (1) individually, (2) by port groups, (3) a range or combination of ports, (4) all ports, or (5) using global commands across multiple units

  • Local Control via soft-touch front-panel Control Buttons for each outlet. Buttons can be disabled for secure locations

  • Front Panel LEDs for Power status

  • Unattended Power Failure Recovery

  • Programmable Reboot Delay Time when restarting a drive or server

  • Snapshot Reports to your Terminal of the Current Status and programmed Port Names and Times

  • Serial Access is password protected

  • Serial interface for Administrator setup and operation. Network or Modem access options using your Lightwave ConsoleServer 800, 1620 or 3200

  • Simple command-line menu with Help

  • Upgradeable Flash Memory

  • Non-volatile memory for programmed information