Raritan/Peppercon eRIC II Remote Management Board



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All data between eRIC and user is encrypted
eRIC II is the first remote management solution optimized as low profile card for usage in 1 U and 2 U computer systems. eRIC II thus is ideal for Internet Service Providers or Data Centers with consolidated server hardware. eRIC II allows the complete remote administration of your system, especially:

  • Remote control of your PC in any operating status, even when booting, even in BIOS and with Blue Screens
  • Remote on/off as well as remote hard reset
  • Virtual floppy drive for remote BIOS updates or booting of an emergency operating system

The daily administration of servers devours approx. 50% of the total costs of ownership (TCO) of a computer. Remote Management Boards may significantly decrease these costs. You get the possibility to:

  • Completely control your server at any time from any place
  • Monitor operating systems in any operation state
  • Change settings during boot-up or in BIOS
  • Switch the computer on/off remotely or perform a hard reset
  • Carry out automated (by scripting) maintenance and installation tasks

Peppercon is the worldwide leading manufacturer of Remote Management Boards who has a complete solution portfolio. ROL-F (Reset on LAN): The low-cost starting product for hard reset and PXE-based management; eRIC (no longer available), the first manufacturer-independent remote management solution with a broad scope of features - usable in any common server - management down to BIOS level and eRIC II, the worldwide first low profile remote management card, optimized for the use in 1 U and 2