SiliconDust DT2 Receiver


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The Silicon Dust DT2 receiver is a single input product with two tuners that can support two channels. It can be wall-mounted if desired. With the StreaMaster receivers quickly turnaround incoming cable or terrestrial video. These receivers are cost-effective and feature-rich. They are the go-to solution for turning around incoming signals.

The StreaMaster DT2 make life simple when there is a need to take local broadcast or cable channels and convert them to an IP format that can be distributed over a Local Area Network.

Silicon Dust DT2

Silicon Dust DT2 Features

  • UDP or RTP IP Streaming, unicast/multicast
  • HTTP for remote streaming
  • Supports PC players, Media Servers and IP Set Top Boxes
  • RF Diagnostics (Signal Level/Quality)
  • Cost-effective

StreaMaster DT2 Applications

  • TV Broadcasters
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • TV Distribution over a LAN
  • Off-air or Head-end Monitoring
  • Digital Signage

Silicon Dust DT2 Package Contents

  • (1) Niagara Silicon Dust DT2 Video Receiver
  • (1) Power Supply

StreaMaster DT2 Specifications

Supported Hardware  
Tuners (2) Tuners/ 6MHz channel bandwidth/ up to +40dBmV single channel
Network Interface 100BASE-TX High-speed Ethernet