SiliconDust US-16DT Receiver


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The StreaMaster US-16DT receiver takes in up to four DVB-T inputs and 4 ethernet connections and outputs a unicast or multicast UDP or RTP output per each channel desired for local streaming and now HTTP for remote streaming! Each input has two tuners so each system can support up to 16 channels.

The Silicon Dust US-16DT Receiver make life simple when there is a need to take local broadcast or cable channels and convert them to an IP format that can be distributed over a Local Area Network.

Silicon Dust US-8

Silicon Dust US-16DT Features

  • UDP or RTP IP Streaming, unicast/multicast
  • HTTP for remote streaming
  • Supports PC players, Media Servers and IP Set Top Boxes
  • RF Diagnostics (Signal Level/Quality)
  • Cost-effective

StreaMaster US-16DT Applications

  • TV Broadcasters
  • Government
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • TV Distribution over a LAN
  • Off-air or Head-end Monitoring
  • Digital Signage

Silicon Dust US-16DT Package Contents

  • (1) Niagara Silicon Dust US-16DT Video Receiver
  • (1) Power Supply

StreaMaster US-16DT Specifications

Supported Hardware  
Tuners (16) Tuners/ 6MHz channel bandwidth/ up to +40dBmV single channel
Network Interface 100BASE-TX High-speed Ethernet