Wizard KVM Extender - Single- or Dual-Head, DisplayPort, USB 2.0, Single-Access, CATx


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Black Box Wizard KVM Extender - Single- or Dual-Head, DisplayPort, USB 2.0, Single-Access, CATx

Extend DisplayPort 4K30 and USB 2.0, 100-meters over CATx.

The Black Box DisplayPort Extender is a high-performance KVM extender that enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature-controlled environment away from the user workstation while maintaining the same user desktop experience. It can transmit either two 1920 x 1200 video streams or one higher resolution video stream (2560x1600 WQXGA), digital audio (S/PDIF), analog audio, Hi-Speed USB 2.0, and USB 2.0 (full and low speed) over CATx cables.

Perfect digital video, real-time control
The system is uncompressed, sending every pixel of every frame without loss. The receiver supports DisplayPort Dual Mode (DP++), meaning monitors that only support HDMI or DVI can be used (with the correct adapter cable).

Single CATx cable
Video, USB, and audio all pass along a single cable. A second CATx cable is required for the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 extension and increased video bandwidth.

Up to 492 feet (150 m) extension distances
Distance is dependent on the monitor resolution, the number of monitors, cable type, and the number of patch panels and couplers.

USB 2.0
Enables connection of any USB human interface device from mice and keyboards through to graphics tablets, jog wheels, joysticks, and 3D explorers. Mass storage devices and isochronous devices such as webcams and headsets can be used through the transparent USB 2.0 Hi-Speed port.

EDID management
The system has intelligent EDID management to allow the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer.

Plug and play
This extender solution is plug-and-play. There is no need for drivers or software to be installed.

Digital audio
Supports the S/PDIF interface via an optical 3.5mm jack socket (dual use with analog audio via mini Toslink).

HD-quality analog audio
HD-audio quality (stereo channel 24 bit sampled at 96kHz) is available to transfer audio from local to remote for Line In / Line. Headsets with integrated microphones are also supported.

ACU5800A Ports


  • Extends DisplayPort, USB 2.0, USB HID, and digital/analog audio over CATx cables
  • Extend 3840x2160 4K at 30Hz or 2560x1600 dual-link video up to 330 ft. (100 m)
  • Extend 1920x1080 dual-head video up to 492 ft. (150 m)
  • Support for USB keyboards, mice, tablets, and touchscreens
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed for mass storage devices
  • Use one CATx cable for basic performance and two CATx cables for highest performance
  • Includes intelligent EDID management
  • HD quality analog audio
  • Receiver supports DisplayPort Dual Mode

ACU5800A Package Contents

  • (1) Transmitter
  • (1) Receiver
  • (2) 5 VDC, 4 Amp power supplies
  • (2) USB Type A to B cables (6-ft each)
  • (1) Display-port cable, (6.6-ft.)
  • (2) 3.5-mm audio cables (10-ft.)
  • (1) DB9 female to RJ-45 flash upgrade cable
  • (2) US power cords
  • (1) Safety information sheet with reference to www.blackbox.com for full user manuals
  • (2) sets of four rubber feet

Technical Specifications

Approvals CE, FCC (Part 15, Class A), RoHS, TUV, UL
DDC Support Pass-through
Distance 330 ft. (100 m) using 3840 x 2160 4K or 2560 x 1600 dual-link; 492 ft. (150 m) using dual-head 1920 x 1080
Environmental Operating Humidity: 80%, non condensing
Operating System All Windows, MAC, Sun, Linux/Unix (Windows NT is not supported because of USB limitiations)
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Power Source: external in-line power supply (PS650); Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz ; Input Current: 0.8 Amps MAX; Output Voltage: 5 VDC; Output Current: 4 Amps, maximum; Consumption: 20 Watts; Heat Dissipation: 68.2 BTU/h MAX
Item Specifications
Connectors Transmitter: (2) DisplayPort female (Link A/B), (2) USB Type B female (Link A/B), (2) 3.5mm audio connectors (MIC/Audio), (1) RJ-45 options port, (2) RJ-45 interconnects, (1) 2.5-mm barrel for power; Receiver: (2) DisplayPort female (Link A/B), (4) USB
Dimensions Transmitter: 1.76"H x 7.92" W x 4.62" D (4.5 x 20.1 x 11.7 cm); Receiver: 1.76"H x 7.92" W x 4.62" D (4.5 x 20.1 x 11.7 cm) Indicators Transmitter: (6) status LEDs; Receiver: (6) status LEDs
Weight Transmitter: 1.43 lbs (0.65 kg); Receiver: 1.43 lbs (0.65 kg)

Black Box ACU5800A Resources

Black Box ACU5800A Manual (PDF)