Gefen VGA Female to Female Adapter



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The Gefen ADA-VGA-FF is a VGA Female to Female adapter which provides a simple, economical adaption from VGA female cable end to a female end. This gender changer will also connect two male cables together.  This adapter is a slim line 15 pin high density (DB15HD M-M) gender changer used for changing the gender on monitor style cables and switch boxes. For use with VGA or SVGA monitors with this type of plug.

Gefen VGA Adapter Features:

  • HD = high density
  • 3 rows of 5 pins - 15 pins total
  • Ultra Thin - will not add weight to your ports or cables

Gefen ADA-VGA-FF Specification:

Weight 0.06 lb. (1 oz.)
Question: How do you connect the wiring? Do u have examples that show the order of connections?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It is hard to tell, but both sides of the ADA-VGA-FF look the same. This unit simply plugs between two male DB-15 terminated cables and is typically used to add more distance to a monitor cable or to attach a Male VGA cable to a Male VGA input. We

We do not believe it would be possible to attach wires directly to this adapter for use as a monitor cable termination.