Cyclades RJ-45 to DB-9F crossover adapter


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Cabling Diagrams: Adapter (ADB0036)
RJ-45 (Cyclades) to DB-9, crossover

RJ-45                      DB-9
Cyclades                M / F
--------                 --------
3 TxD ------------ RxD 2
6 RxD ------------ TxD 3
4 Gnd ------------ Gnd 5

2 DTR --------|--- DCD 1
                         |--- DSR 6

7 DCD ---|-------- DTR 4
8 DSR ---|

1 RTS ------------ CTS 8
5 CTS ------------ RTS 7
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UPC 636430034096
EAN 0636430034096
Question: is this adaptor used as serial cable to connect to console of devices
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

That is correct, the Avocent ADB0036 is a Serial Crossover Cable used for managing Avocent devices/consoles over serial.

Question: DB9 Connection: Will a cisco DB9 hood + a cat6 patch cord work for the console port on anACS6016
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. According to the manual, any Null Modem Cable will work to connect to the console port, and the ACS 6000 series comes supplied with a DB9(F)to RJ45 crossover adapter.

So, if that particular Cisco DB9 hood is a crossover adapter, or the CAT6 cable itself is a crossover cable, it should work.

For your reference, you can view the ACS 6000 Series manual (PDF) here: