2-Port ADC Monitor Sharing Switch for DVI and ADC



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Do you love the features of the Apple Cinema Display but lack the desktop space or the budget for a pair of them? Or maybe your work in a multi-platform environment and you would like to share your beautiful 22? display between a Mac and a PC.

Addlogix ADC KVM Controller (ADCDVI-ADC-AB) series allows two digital video systems to share an ADC LCD monitor, up to the 23? Cinema Display. The Hybrid ADC KVM Controller is specifically designed for use in a DVI + ADC setup. The Addlogix ADC KVM Controller (ADCDVI-ADC-AB) is bundled with two high-quality digital monitor cables (one DVI, one ADC) as well as the USB cable to avoid any complication during setup.

The Addlogix Hybrid switch (ADCDVI-ADC-AB) has the DVI to ADC adapter built right into the box, to ensure the best quality in digital signal shielding, and to restore USB features on the DVI system.

Addlogix ADC KVM Controller (ADCDVI-ADC-AB) Features:

  • Share an ADC LCD monitor between a DVI and an ADC computer
  • Digital switchbox prevents video degradation and interference
  • USB, DVI and ADC monitor cables included
  • Internal conversion USB to ADC conversion, no adapters needed
  • Powered by compact external power supply
  • No software required