Cyclades AlterPath Manager 5000, 512 DLS



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Cyclades AlterPath Manager 5000 (APM5020)
Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020
is a consolidated out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) manager for data center management that addresses the need to deploy, manage and connect to out-of-band access devices such as serial console servers, KVM and KVM over IP switches, intelligent power distribution units (IPDUs) and embedded IT infrastructure management agents such as IPMI processors.

The Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 provides a single, secure access point that maps the entire out-of-band network and thus allows fast, secure access to IT assets that require maintenance to bring them back into productive operation. In addition, the Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 provides centralized console logging and event detection/notification services to ensure operators have immediate access to diagnostic console data when troubleshooting network devices and server problems.

A data center's heterogeneous environment requires access to the out-of-band infrastructure through many different physical interfaces, including RS-232 serial console ports (console servers), KVM ports (KVM and KVM over IP switches), power control ports (IPDUs), and embedded management agents, (IPMI processors), used in rack-mounted servers and blade servers. The Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 consolidates and standardizes the authentication, encryption and access control to these systems and provides a consistent interface for system operators and administrators.

5001 Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 Function Diagram
5000 Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 Function Diagram

Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 Features & Benefits:

  • Change and configuration, including provisioning and administration
  • Firmware upgrades
  • View consolidation: From the Web interface, you can view a list of consoles to which you have authorized access. Information about each console includes console name, port, location, description, and status. The Access Control List (ACL), which is defined by the administrator, defines which user has access to which port. For added security, users cannot view consoles which they are not authorized to use. The AlterPath Manager monitors on a periodic basis the consoles that are running on specified device, to generate log files, and to send alarm notifications to specified users. Health Monitoring is designed to ensure that in the event of a network failure, remote sites are available and working properly. A integral part of Health Monitoring is the Health Modem feature which monitors any modems that are being used to connect to a device either as a primary connection or as a backup. 
  • Single sign-on (authentication)
  • Access control (authorization)
  • BIOS-level data logging/archiving for regulatory and audit compliance*
  • Alarm/event notification
  • Password management
  • Simple reporting
  • System redundancy/failover/data synchronization
  • Depend on secure, reliable access to the OOBI in compliance with enterprise security policies and integration with existing security infrastructures. Enterprise security with embedded IP filtering and 802.1Q VLAN support. Strong authorization and authentication, including RADIUS, LDAP, Active Directory, TACACS+, Kerberos and NIS protocols. Secure, audited access (user access and session logs). Centralized access control lists. Integrated modem pool option with dial-back support enhancing connection security.
  • Alleviate the complexity of remote administration with integrated monitoring and management. Integration with existing security infrastructure. Support for enterprise security standards and authentication protocols. Support for Web-based and command line interfaces. Complete audit logs with user access and session logs. real-Time data synchronization for complete system redundancy.
  • Simplify OOBI administration with advanced automation of configuration and change management, and firmware upgrades. Automated upgrades of system firmware. Automated provisioning, configuration and change control. Automated health monitoring of network connections to ensure out-of -band access. Continuous online and offline data logging for regulatory compliance and data capture. Automatic event tracking and notification of fault conditions. Golden Template as master configuration field.

Cyclades AlterPath Manager APM5020 Specifications




2U @ 1.7"H x 16.8"W x 14"D
(8.89 x 42.41 x 65.03 cm)


46 lb



Operating Voltage & Power Supply

260 W Single

Supported Hardware



2 x 3.0 GHz



PC Card Slots

PCI Slots (modems/serial/Ethernet) 3
Ethernet: 2 x 1000 MB
Disk: 2 x 160 GB
redundant SAT RAID 0,1


Managed Devices: 2,048
Managed Consoles: 1024 to 32768 (licensed)
Data Logging: 128-2048 (licensed)
Concurrent Serial Console Sessions:
128-2048 (licensed)
Concurrent KVM/IP Sessions: 200+
Users & Administrators: Unlimited / Unlimited
Heart beat/Fail over/Data synchronization- Yes/Yes /Scheduled
AlterPath Integrator for HP OV (all OS): Yes
All other Software Features: Yes
OnBoard (all versions): Yes (Q1 2006)
OnSite (all versions); Yes
KVM/net Plus (all versions): Yes
KVM/net (all versions): Yes
TS (all versions): Yes
ACS (all versions): Yes
IBM Blades Support (Feature Activation): Yes