Cyclades 6 users 16-port KVM over IP switch



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The Cyclades AlterPath KVM/netPlus family of enterprise-class KVM over IP switches is designed for local and remote server administration with centralized management and advanced security features. The AlterPath KVM/netPlus is the industry's first KVM solution to offer Cyclades AdaptiveKVM technology (patent pending) that combines Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) functionality with KVM over IP access in a single device.

Cyclades KVM/NET Plus Diagram

Adaptive KVM/netPlus

Cyclades AdaptiveKVM (patent pending) is a new and innovative approach to managing Windows-based servers that combines the benefits of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) functionality with KVM over IP access.

The Value of RDP
Typically most IT infrastructure management can be performed when the server is in a stable state. In this situation, RDP provides the best solution - allowing one or more sessions to a server with optimized network bandwidth, leading to a more satisfying user experience.

Adaptive KVM/netPlus Benefits:

  • Fast response time
  • No mouse latency or synchronization issues
  • Lower bandwidth requirement
  • No user contention (blocking) issues
  • Remote media support
  • Remote BIOS-level access
  • POST and pre-boot access
  • Boot loader access
  • No dependency on operating system network stack
  • True access to hardware Keyboard/Video/Mouse

The Value of KVM over IP

Often an administrator will need to make higher risk configuration changes where the operating system may become unstable or the network stack may be affected. These may include changing firewall rules, changing routing tables or installing new applications and libraries. In these cases KVM over IP is the preferred solution. KVM over IP must also be used if the administrator needs to access the server hardware BIOS or POST to diagnose problems or for interaction with the boot loader.

AdaptiveKVM - Seamless and Consistent Remote Access

AdaptiveKVM combines both RDP and KVM over IP solutions in a single secure and consolidated appliance. By intelligently monitoring the state of the RDP session, AdaptiveKVM will make user connections using the network-efficient RDP protocol. This has the benefit of enhanced user experience and also alleviates the problem of user contention (blocking) of traditional KVM over IP solutions. By prioritizing the use of RDP, the AdaptiveKVM technology keeps the KVM over IP connections available for situations that require out-of-band access. If for any reason the RDP session is unavailable or if the user so chooses, then the session will be automatically established using out-of-band KVM over IP access.

Cyclades AdaptiveKVM offers the following benefits over discrete solutions

  • Consolidated access to servers using KVM over IP and RDP
  • Centralized access control list (ACL) for all KVM over IP and RDP
  • RDP proxy increases access security and provides audit trail of RDP connections
  • Minimized network bandwidth by using more efficient RDP when available
  • Increased number of users per switch with KVM over IP sessions when required
  • Optimize user experience with RDP when available

The AdaptiveKVM feature allows users to manage most administrative tasks using the efficient RDP protocol, delivering seamless performance, even over low-bandwidth connections. The AlterPath KVM/netPlus can easily switch from RDP sessions to KVM over IP sessions when Windows-based servers are down or become disconnected from the IT production network. The AlterPath KVM/netPlus provides a cost-effective and simplified management solution over low-bandwidth connections.

Fully integrated security features include serverbased authentication and support for RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP, Kerberos, NTLM, NIS and Active Directory. In addition, the AlterPath KVM/netPlus supports user access control lists (ACLs) per port and user access logging. This allows IT managers and administrators to manage their servers with greater control and peace of mind.

The AlterPath KVM/netPlus can also be combined with the AlterPath Manager, Cyclades out-of-band infrastructure (OOBI) manager, to provide users with a consolidated view of all KVM ports, centralized security and data logging. This reduces network maintenance costs and provides easier and faster provisioning of the OOBI.

Cyclades AlterPath ATP1604 Applications:

  • KVM switching and control
  • Local and remote server administration
  • RDP sessions to provide enhanced remote performance - even over low-bandwidth connections
  • Simultaneous local and remote access to servers and workstations for multiple users
  • Power and temperature management

Cyclades AlterPath ATP1604 Benefits:

  • Global access anytime (KVM over IP)
  • Simplified management
  • Reduced IT operational costs and risks
  • Advanced security features with centralized authentication and 128-bit private key encryption
  • Simple and inexpensive CAT5-based cabling
  • Enterprise-level scalability with centralized management
  • Future investment protection

Cyclades ATP1604 Specifications:

CPUMPC855T (PowerPC Dual-CPU)
Memory128MB DIMM SDRAM / 16MB Compact Flash
Powernternal 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Interfaces1 Ethernet 10/100BT on RJ-45
1 RS-232 Console on RJ-45
1 RS-232 Auxiliary Port on RJ-45
32 RJ-45 KVM Ports (CAT5-based)
1 VGA HD15 female and 2 MiniDIN6 (PS/2) User Interface
1 RJ-45 User Interface (CAT5-based)
Operating Temperature32°F to 122°F / 0°C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-40°F to 185°F /-40°C to 85 °C
Humidity5% to 90% non-condensing
Width17.00 in / 43.18 cm
Depth9.50 in / 24.13 cm
Height1.75 in / 4.45 cm
Weight12.00 lb / 5.45 kg
CertificationCC Class A
CSA (fully compliant with UL standard)