Avocent AutoView 200 4-Port KVM Switch



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The Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A) supports IBM PC/AT and PS/ systems and 100% compatible machines with support for VGA, SVGA, XGA and XGA-II video. PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse peripherals are supported through the rear of the unit. Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A)  is compatible with any PC operating system, including Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, DOS or Window NT/2000. The Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A) system supports Plug and Play video and is compliant with the VESA DDC28 standard. For added compatibility, the mouse translation feature enables you to use a PS/2 mouse with any attached PC - regardless of whether the computer is serial or PS/2 mouse compatible. Take advantage of the flexibility of a true 2 x 8 matrix switch. The AvocentAutoView 200 lets you add a second user who has full access to all of your servers. You can even locate the second user as far as 500 feet away! An IT manager and a technician can troubleshoot and maintain servers from the server room or their office at any time. Want to troubleshoot a specific server with a co-worker? Share Mode lets two users view information on a single server at the same time and allows either user to have keyboard and mouse access to that server.

Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A) proven switching technology
The Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A)  builds on Avocent's proven success with the AutoView line, including Keep Alive power safeguard, Hot Pluggability, multi-level security and on-screen display.

Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A) versatile and upgradeable
The Avocent AutoView 200 (AV200-4A)  supports a wide variety of PS/2 style mice to insure optimum compatibility with your installed equipment. Choose from Microsoft IntelliMouse, Logitech MouseMan+ / Marble+ / Marble FX, IBM ScrollPoint, Kensington Expert Mouse and more. The Avocent AutoView 200 is FLASH upgradeable for fast and easy updates.