Avocent AutoView 400 4-Port 2-User KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: NTI Nodemux ST-2X4-U
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With embedded Avocent LongView extension technology, the Avocent AutoView 400 (AV400R-4) line lets you add a second user with full access to all of your servers. You can even locate the second user up to 500 feet away! An. IT manager and a technician can troubleshoot and maintain servers from the server room or their office at any time. Want to troubleshoot a specific server with a co-worker? Share Mode lets two users view information on a single server at the same time and allows either user to have keyboard and mouse access to that server.

Avocent AutoView AV400R-4 proven switching technology
The Avocent AutoView 400 (AV400R-4) line builds on Avocent's proven success with the AutoView line, including Keep Alive power safeguard, Hot Pluggability, multi-level security, on-screen display and FLASH upgrade capability.

Avocent AutoView AV400R-4 interoperable with DS1800

For configurations that may require a lower cost per port, the Avocent AutoView 400 line has been designed to be interoperable with Avocent's new DS1800 digital switching solution, capable of connecting thousands of servers and network devices.

Avocent AutoView AV400R-4 difference between 1 & 2 users
The switch is identical for the 1 and 2 user models. The difference between the two is that the 2 user model comes with a receiver for a second user. The way it is connected is by a single CAT5 cable. You plug the CAT5 cable into the switch and run it to the place that you want your second user located. Just plug the CAT5 cable into the receiver then hook up the Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse to the reciver and your second user is ready to go! If you purchase the 1 user model and want to add a second user later, just buy the AVRU receiver and connect it.

  • The Avocent AutoView 400 (AV400R-4) line supports IBM PC/AT and PS/ systems and 100% compatible machines with support for VGA, SVGA, XGA and XGA-II video. More importantly, the AutoView 400 line are the only switches today that also supports USB computers and Sun workstations, all in a slim 1U high chassis.
  • Avocent AutoView 400 line is compatible with any PC operating system, including Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, DOS or Window NT/2000. The system supports Plug and Play video and is compliant with the VESA DDC2B standard.
  • PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and Sun peripherals are all supported through the rear of the units.
  • Measuring 1.7(H) x 17.2(W) x 6.5 (D), the AutoView 400 line is easily rack mountable.