Avocent AutoView Commander 4-Port KVM



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The AutoView 4-port KVM (AV4C-AM) switch allows you to control and operate 4 of your server room computers (two 8-port switching chassis) with just one keyboard, monitor and mouse. Choose the switching method you prefer: keyboard, front panel or on-screen display. You can add, remove and swap channels without powering down your servers.

Avocent AutoView AV4C-AM Technology for multiple PCs
Control and operate all of your server room computers with Avocent AutoView AV4C-AM! With the Avocent AutoView Commander, you can attach up to 64 computers and select them using front panel push-buttons, a quick keyboard sequence, or an easy-to-use pop-up menu system.

Avocent AutoView AV4C-AM On-screen channel selection and security monitoring
With built-in on-screen display, there is no more guessing which server is where. Just name your computers, then select them from the pop-up menu. The advanced two level security feature allows you to configure and control server access for every type of system user on-screen, for easy security monitoring and control.

Avocent AutoView AV4C-AM Keep Alive protects your system in an emergency
The Keep Alive feature allows the attached PCs to power the Commander in the event of an Cybex AutoView power failure. Keeping the system powered up ensures continued emulation and prevents server lock-ups. This safety feature keeps you from losing valuable time and data during an emergency. The Avocent AutoView Commander works with PC/AT and PS/2 systems, or 100% compatible machines and supports the full range of VGA monitor types. PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 or IntelliMouse type mice are supported through the rear of the unit. An internal power supply eliminates the need for external transformers. For added compatibility with your installed equipment, Avocent AutoView AV4C-AM Commander features an embedded mouse translation capability. Operated through the Avocent AutoView AV4C-AM, your PS/2 style or IntelliMouse type mouse will work with any attached PC or server regardless of whether the computer has a PS/2 or serial mouse port. For maximum flexibility, servers can be added or removed from the Avocent AutoView Commander system without powering down the switch or other attached servers. Optional features include: Remote Access and Operation - add an Avocent LongView for remote access using Category 5 UTP cable. Control your servers up to 500 feet away and still get the benefits of on-screen display!

  • On-screen display lets you name and select servers
  • Hot Pluggable ... add/remove servers without powering down
  • Only 1.75 high - ideal for rack mounting

AutoView 4-port KVM (AV4C-AM) Features and Benefits

  • Each 4-port switch is 1.75 inches high - ideal for rack mounting
  • On-screen display lets you name and select servers; features 14-character naming capabilities
  • Two-level security
  • You can add or remove servers without powering down
  • Keep Alive feature saves valuable time and data in an emergency
  • Certified, tested and approved by both Microsoft and Novell

AutoView 4-port KVM (AV4C-AM) Specifications

Height 1.7 in. (4.5 cm)
Width 17.2 in. (43.7 cm)
Depth 6.5 in. (15.61cm)
Weight 4.2 lbs. (1.91 kg)
Operating Temperature 41F (5C) to 104F (40C)
Storage Temperature -4F (-20C) to 122F (50C)
Operating Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Power Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Input 8.0 W
Supported Hardware  
Computers IBM PC/AT, PS/2 and 100% compatibles
Monitor VGA, SVGA, (XGA and XGA II with adaptor), 400x1200 @72 Hz resolution
Peripherals PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, IntelliMouse (PS/2 only)
Approved Agency UL 1950, CSA C22.2 No. 950, EN60950
Fcc part 15A, EN55022, EN50082