Avocent USB2 Server Interface Module


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Recommended replacement: Avocent MPUIQ-VMCHS
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The Avocent AVRIQ-VMC-G01 is a USB2 server interface module supporting Virtual Media and Smartcard (CAC) - 20in cabling.

Question: is it compatible with DELL USB 2.0 SIP for VM dell Americas SKUs: 430-4345, EMEA SKUs: 470-10954?
Answer: This dongle was manufactured for Avocent products and is only specified to work with other Avocent products. It is possible that they would work with a Dell product, but we cannot guarantee it.

Question: Is it compatible with AV3008
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, according to Avocent, this dongle is compatible with the Avocent AV3008.

Question: Is this AVRIQ-VMC-G01 compatible with Avocent AutoView 2000 R (A2000R)?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

According to the vendor, it appears that the mentioned IQ module is not supported.

Here are the dongles that the A2000R unit does support: AVRIQ-PS/2, AVRIQ-USB, AVRIQ-VSN (Sun VGA), AVRIQ-WSN (Sun 13W3) and AVRIQ-SRL modules. The only one on the list that is still available is the AVRIQ-SRL.

You may want to consider the Adder AVX5016IP as a similar replacement to the Avocent A2000R.