SmartAVI AVS4P VGA/Audio Splitter


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The AVS4P splitter allows you to use a single PC to display identical images on multiple monitors. The AVS4P Series is a high resolution distribution system designed to broadcast desktop video and stereo audio signals to Up to 4 audio/video devices such as a desktop monitor, speakers, presentation monitors and other audio devices.


  • Supports high resolution clear video up to 1900x1200
  • 400 MHz Bandwidth
  • Sends high-resolution VGA and Stereo Audio signals from one source too up to 4 monitors/speakers
  • Broadcast too up to 4 Audio/Video output devices through daisy chain capability
  • Each output reach up to 100ft
  • Compatable with VGA, XGA, Sun, MAC and SGI signals
  • Supports high-resolution clear video, up to 1900 x 1200
  • Sync Format/Polarity Preservation
  • Compatable with Line Level Stereo Audio signals
  • High ground loop immunity
  • Built-in lightning, power surge and transient protection
  • Remote units come with 2 buffered outputs
  • Designeted trimmer in the remote unit to compensate for cable length
  • Metal case enclosure
  • External power supply


  • Test bench facilities
  • Data Center
  • Help Desks

avs4 diagram

SmartAVI AVS4P Specifications

Height 1.56 in. (3.96 cm)
Width 7.38 in. (18.74 cm.)
Depth 3.56 in. (9.04 cm.)
ConnectorHigh density HD 15
Input Connectors  HD-15 Male
Output Interface4  HD-15 Female
Bandwidth400MHz, 20KHz
Analog Signal Level1 Volt
Voltage Requirments1000mA
Maximum 75ft
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UPC 813280020794
EAN 0813280020794