SmartAVI Analogue Video/Audio Extender Over Fiber Multimode



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The SmartAVI AX-3000 is an analogue video/audio extender over fiber multimode which can extend up 1000m.

SmartAVI AX-3000 Features:

  • The signals are transmitted (depending on device type) over Cat 5 (Catx) cable, Multimode-fibre or Singlemode-fibre. This ensures the best match to your existing infrastructure or requirements for distance.
  • Video transmission supports PAL and NTSC signal formats. Depending on your requirements, the signals can be FBAS or Y/C (S-VHS).
  • Audio signals are transmitted digitally. For input/output, digital or analogue interfaces are available.
  • An RS232 interface allows remote control of your devices, for example, a camera
  • Using an infrared remote control, you can set up the input format, the video source, brightness and contrast. With a single key press, you can restore the factory settings or reset the brightness/contrast to default values.

SmartAVI AX-3000 Fiber Extender Application Diagram
SmartAVI AX-3000 Fiber Extender Application Diagram

SmartAVI AX-3000 Specifications:

Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 in.
(170 x 133 x 41 mm.)
Housing Desktop housing (19" mountable with optional rack mount kit)
Power Supply  International PSU 90...240VAC
Video PAL / NTSC - video signals FBAS or Y/C (S-VHS)
Audio Depending on device type: Audio analogue (digitized transferred 38kHz/16 or Audio digital up to 6MHz data rate (fully transparent, format independent) via fiber-optical connector. (TOS-Link -i.e. S/P-DIF)
Serial RS232 (V24) up to 19200 BAUD fully transparent with Handshake
Cable Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, Distance <100 m Multimode Fiber 50µm < 400m, 62,5µm < 200m-Singlemode 9µm < (10km)
Upgrade Onboard (FLASH)
Access Depending on device type unidirectional or bidirectional transfer analogue. Audio is always bidirectional.