Tripp Lite 4-Port Compact KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: IOGEAR GCS1804
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Tripp Lite's compact, 4-port desktop KVM Switch is the optimal solution for controlling up to 4 computers from one keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Comes complete with an optional power adapter for use with a notebook. Switch ports simply by pressing a keyboard hot key or by using a switch on the unit. Works on all operating systems. This device supports all video resolutions currently on the market. It features a compact design that does not require external power, software, or complicated set-up procedures. Can be used to control Mac, Sun, & USB systems (when using the correct adapter).

  • Control up to 4 computers (combination of PS/2, Mac, Sun, & USB) from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • Monitor connectors (HDDB15); Keyboard/Mouse ports (MiniDin6)
  • Supports all video resolutions currently on the market
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, or Multisync monitor
  • Does not require external power, software, or complicated set-up procedures
  • Optional power adapter enables the KVM to operate when only connected to a notebook (a necessity for any KVM).
  • Select computer directly from keyboard or by selector switch on the unit
  • Compact desktop design offers easy access to the switch and visibility of all LED indicators
  • Includes an autoscan feature
  • Works on all operating systems
  • Offers compatibility with most mice; including scrolling mice and wireless mice/keyboard
  • Macintosh, Sun, and USB compatibility by connecting appropriate Tripp Lite console converter or adapter