250ft CAT6a Shielded (STP) Patch Cable - Grey



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A pivotal component of Gefen's premium single-cable Hi-Def audio/video extension solutions, these #24AWG shielded cables have superior transmission performance over ordinary CAT5/CAT6 cables allowing increased performance over distance, particularly where shielding from interference is a concern. A key component for extending high-bandwidth digital content over long distances, they have sturdy construction which ensures a persistent signal and a long life.

The Belden 10GX12 cable is the best Category 6A cable available. It exceeds the TIA/EIA Category 6A Standard and provides the end user with 625 MHz of guaranteed bandwidth. Meets IEEE standards for networks using Ethernet up to 1000Mpbs (Gigabyte).

Question: what mHz rating does this cable have? It was my understanding that cat6a cables are typically #23AWG. Is there a reason why this cable is #24AWG or is my understanding wrong? I'll be running two sets of these long cables along a route that already has other cables and I want to make sure I don't have any interference or performance issues. Thanks for your help.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. According to the manufacturer, this CAT6A cable is rated at 500 MHz and should not have any trouble running with other data cables - exclusive of power cables, which should be avoided. Of course that is also dependent on the environment and following cabling best practices.

In terms of wire gauge, we could not find a specific answer to which particular gauge is specified or why a manufacturer would choose one particular gauge over another. Mostly we have seen ranges mentioned from 22AWG-24AWG and even one reference from 22AWG to 26AWG.