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Minicom DS CatLinc Composite A/V to Cat5 Transmitter/Receiver

CatLinc VID


Recommended replacement: Audio-Video Extenders
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ComQi DS CatLinc VGA saves you money and valuable time and simplifies any installation. CatLinc signal distribution products convert VGA, video, and audio signals into a format readily transmitted hundreds of feet using common CAT5 cable.
Forget nightmare cable pulls, field soldering, and high-cost cable. The CatLinc VGA transmitter connects to a signal device. The receiver connects to a display device. They link together with a standard CAT5 cable. A single DC adaptor powers the CatLinc pair from either end.
CatLinc provides high-performance signal distribution rivaling traditional high-resolution cable, with a fraction of the bother...or cost.


  • Matchbox size allows you to mount CatLinc transmitters/receivers virtually anywhere.
  • CatLinc pairs can be powered from either end.
  • CatLinc VGA goes 300' or more.
  • CatLinc VGA-L has a monitor loopback.