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Raritan's CommandCenterô allows you to take total control of your enterprise by enabling centralized access to hundreds or thousands of IT devices connected through Raritan's KVM switches or serial console products.

The Raritan CommandCenter aggregates access to multiple local or remote data centers by providing an intelligent, centralized gateway to monitor, diagnose and resolve problems on your entire network from one IP address. CommandCenter contains built-in diagnostics that provide status reports on the availability of all accessed devices, including system health updates and alarms.

The Raritan CommandCenter combines powerful event management capabilities with full activity logging, user-defined status monitoring, alarms, audit trails and traceability-with multi-layer security and support for the most common authentication protocols including RADIUS, Active Directory, LDAP(S), and TACACS+.


  • Web-based BIOS level console access via modem allows for reboot and rescue of servers even when the network is down
  • Redundant power supply provides fail-over protection when power failures occur
  • Redundant NICs backs-up the network card, providing protection should the network card fail.
  • Built-in applet support allows control of Raritan power strips via GUI interface
  • Dual Ethernet, mirrored hard drives and dual independent power supplies ensures a network stays up and running
  • Compatible with Raritan's Dominion KVM, serial and remote office appliances, resulting in a single, scalable, efficient and cost-effective management network for all mission-critical equipment
  • Space saving, rack-efficient 1U form factor
  • SSL 128-bit RSA public key, 128-private key encryption; Centralized security policies, access rights, permissions and user-defined views; access via SSL or SSH - all provide the highest levels of network security available
  • Third-party authentication support including Active Directory (AD), I Planet, eDirectory, RADIUS and TACACS+ leverages value of existing technology to enhance security
  • Hardened LINUX Operating System (OS) - kernel-based OS with hacker-proof architecture prevents unauthorized access
  • Flexible, fast access with single sign-on and single IP address over VPN, Internet or Intranet - simplifies the complexity of managing multiple IP addresses
  • Plug-and-Play - works out-of-the-box
  • GUI-based system set-up simplifies set-up with intuitive screens and on-line help
  • Custom scripting capability simplifies bulk operations such as device configurations and user set-ups
  • Comprehensive event management, logging, reporting and audit trails eases and centralizes administration
  • Bulk scripting capability centralizes firmware maintenance on CommandCenter networks, Computer Interface Modules (CIMS) and other Raritan devices.
  • Multiple viewing filters provide powerful filtering of all users, by type by activity and logons resulting in a valuable "snapshot" of who is on the network, what they are doing and when.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities delivers valuable administrative reports on active users, accessed devices, active ports, asset management, audit trails, error logs, firmware reports and ping reports
  • Proxy and referral presentation options for access to managed targets allows highly flexible presentation of Dominion appliances, ports, users and port display in a simple tree-style arrangement.

Form Factor: 1U

22.1"(W) x17.32" (D) x 1.75" (H)
563mm (W) x 440mm (D) x 44mm (H)

Power: Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies auto sensing 110/220 V - 2.0A
KVM Admin Port: 1
Serial Admin Port: 1

Processor: Intel Pentium III 1 GHz
RAM : 512Mb error-correcting (ECC) memory
Ethernet Interfaces: Two 10/100 Ethernet Network interface controllers
Hard Disk & Controller: ATA RAID-1 card with 2 40-GB ATA drives
CD/ROM Drive: Slot-load 40x read-only*
Console: DB-9 RS232 console port

Remote Connection
10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
Modem: V.92 (56Kbps); RJ-11 connector