Adder PS/2 To USB Converter Cable


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The Adder CCUSB is a 6ft PS/2 (&Video) To USB (& Video) Converter Cable. Connect Sun, Mac, laptop or PC (USB) computers to your KVM switch using these neat, intelligent interface cables, available in different lengths to suit your application.

The USB and Sun interface cables deliver high functionality multi platform KVM connectivity at low cost, and may be used with any PS/2 style KVM switch. Miniature 'keep alive' circuitry is molded into the cables to ensure problem free computer operation even if the KVM switch is powered off. An intelligent communications system enables the active circuitry within CCUSB KVM cables to work in close partnership with Adder MP Matrix and 108 MP switches to provide enhanced functionality.

Adder CCUSB Features:

  • Fully molded robust construction with color coded connectors
  • May be used with any quality PS/2 style switches
  • Intelligent communication ensures a high level of integration with MP switches
  • Keep alive circuitry provides increased system reliability
  • Keyboard country code reporting and DDC support ensures Sun compatibility
  • Downloadable drivers for different keyboard layouts and future upgrades
Question: Hi - I have a kvm console made by TTX. It has (1) a female PS/2 keyboard connection (2)a female PS/2 mouse connection and (3)a male dsub XVGA port. I need to connect it to my PC server, which has a female dsub XVGA port and USB ports. I can handle the VGA with a simple video extension cable but I need mouse and keyboard cables. I've heard horror stories about cables being compatible with only Logitech, other cables for only IOGear and many USB to PS/2 cables simply not working consistently. So my question is, do you expect that this cable will work, consistently, regardless whether the kvm console is compatible with Logitech, IOGear or something else? My second question is, can you confirm that the PS/2 connectors are male so that they will fit into the female sockets on my KVM? Thanks!
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Let's start with the second question first. Yes, we can confirm that the PS/2 connectors are male and will plug into the corresponding KVM sockets. In terms of your first question, you are right to be concerned. Many KVM cables are proprietary and will function only with a specific make or model. This particular cable, however, is designed to work with generic PS/2 style KVMs and should work (though not guaranteed to) with non-ADDER models. That of course assumes the TTX KVM uses standard PS/2 cables. In terms of consistency, ADDER is in the top tier of KVM manufacturers with an excellent track record.

So while we can't guarantee that it would work in any particular environment, you should have better luck with this product than most.