Aten USB Console Extender with USB Storage and Audio



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The Aten CE800 is a USB Console Extender which allows access to a computer or USB KVM from a remote console from up to 820 ft. away. This USB extender is unique in that it not only supports Audio, but both units also support external USB mass storage compliant devices (Flash drives and self powered hard drives).   This USB console extender is an ideal solution for any installations requiring computers to be kept in controlled spaces, whether it be for security or environmental concerns. With the mass storage capabilities of the unit, updates, and patches can be applied without entering your restricted area.  Security features include two level access: Administrator and four User accounts, and a valid user name and password must be entered before the drive can be used [selectable].  The use of common network cable makes installation and relocation as simple as adding the proper length cable.

Aten USB Console Extender Features:

  • Cat 5 (or higher) cable to connect the Local and Remote Units - up to 820'(250m) apart
  • Dual console operation - control your system(s) from both the local or remote consoles
  • Pushbutton locks out the non-active console.
  • Built-in USB port on both units supports external USB Mass Storage compliant flash drives for easy file sharing
  • Special security feature requires login when mounting an external USB storage device on the remote unit
  • The CE800 is configurable to your operating system Win, Mac, Sun, or SPC*
  • Supports VGA, SVGA, and Multi-sync monitors - the local unit supports DDC, DDC2, and DDC2B
  • High Resolution Video - up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • Built-in 8KV ESD protection and 2KV surge protection
  • Adjustable gain control - manually adjusts signal strength for distance compensation.
  • Supports 2 speaker stereo systems and stereo microphone
  • Supports the scrolling wheel on most mice
  • Upgradeable firmware

* Special Case such as FSBD choose this option if you run into startup problems.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x CE800L (Local unit)
  • 1 x CE800R (Remote unit)
  • 1 x Custom KVM Cable
  • 1 x F/W Upgrade Cable
  • 2 x Grounding cables
  • 2 x Power Adapter

System Requirements:

  • Consoles
    • Two VGA, SVGA, or Multi-sync monitors capable of the highest resolution that you will be using on any computer in the installation
    • Two USB style keyboards
    • Two USB style mice
    • Microphone and Stereo Speakers (Optional)
  • Computer
    • A VGA, SVGA or Multi-sync card
    • USB Host Controller and Type A USB Port
    • Audio out put (Optional)

Aten CE800 Specifications:

Height 1 in. (2.54 cm.)
Width 8 in. (20.3 cm.)
Depth 3.5 in. (8.9 cm.)
Weight 1.1 lbs. (0.5 kg.)
(x2 units / pack)
Packaged Dimensions
(H x W x D)
8.25 x 12.5 x 4 in.
(21x 31.8 x  10.2 cm.)
Packaged Weight 4.85 lbs. (2.2 kg.)
Operating Temperature 32 ~ 122F (0 ~ 50C)
Storage Temperature -4 ~ 140F (-20 ~ 60C)
Humidity 0 ~ 80% RH
Power Consumption DC 5.0V; 6.0W
Video Resolution 1600 x 1200@60 Hz, 500 ft; 1024 x 768@60Hz, 825 ft.
Console Connectors  
Keyboard 1 x USB Type A Female (White) for both Remote and Local Units
Mouse 1 x USB Type A Female (White)for both Remote and Local Units
Audio 1 x Mini Stereo Jack (Green) for both Remote and Local Units
Microphone 1 x Mini Stereo Jack (Pink) for both Remote and Local Units
Question: buenos dias, yo tengo instalado este equipo USB KVM Extender modelo CE800b. ya tengo 2 a??os con varios instalado en la empresa pero desde hace un mes para viene presentando problemas ya que el monitor se prende y se apaga como si se le fuera la se??al, como un parpadeo, lo extra??o es que no es continuo, me sucede un rato y luego puede pasar un dia y me vuelve a suceder. mi pregunta es si saben cual puede ser esa falla y como la soluciono?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. We have a few steps that may solve your issue with flicker/signal loss. First off, loose connectors, either end of the Cat5 cable or the video cables connected to the units, could cause signal loss/degradation. Another issue could be that the cabling has become defective, unable to successfully transfer a 'full' or complete signal. The last cause for signal issues we have experienced is the transmission length exceeds the maximum length of 250 m (825 ft), thus causing signal degradation. If the above steps have already been checked/attempted, unfortunately the issue may be beyond our knowledge and we recommend using ATEN's Ask A Question, as ATEN's service department is extremely knowledgeable and can hopefully help you work toward a resolution.