Aten 16-Port Dual Rail 19" LCD Combo KVM


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The Aten CL5816N is a 16-Port Dual Rail 19" LCD USB/PS2 KVM Switch with Peripheral Sharing.

The CL5816 Slideaway Dual Rail LCD KVM Switch is a rack mountable access point that allows access to multiple PS/2 or USB based computer / servers. An extra shared console port is provided on the rear of the CL5808 to manage the LCD KVM switch from an optional external console control method. (CAT 5 Extender or IP Based Access)

The CL5808 has a 19" LCD monitor and keyboard/touch pad modules that slide independently of each other. To maximize space in your data center, the keyboard/touch pad module slides back to "Hide Away" when not in use, while the thin profile LCD monitor rotates back - flush against the rack - allowing convenient monitoring of computer activity. The CL5808 provides quick and convenient switching to computers and servers through port selection pushbutton located on the keyboard module. Even when the keyboard module is in the retracted position you can still switch access the switch capabilities with the Port Up/Port Down pushbuttons located on the monitor itself.

The CL5816 supports both PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice for the connected computers and servers. The CL5816 also supports USB peripheral devices locally to be used with the attached computers to the KVM Switch. A single CL5808 can control up to 8 computers. As many as 31 additional compatible KVM switches can be daisy chained together, so that up to 256 computers can all be controlled from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse console.

Aten CL5808N Features:

  • Integrated KVM console with 19" LCD in a Dual Rail housing
  • Space saving technology - up to two consoles (one bus) control up to 16 computers
  • Daisy-chain up to 31 additional units*- control up to 256 computers from two consoles (one bus)
  • Dual Interface - supports computers and console with PS/2 or USB keyboards and mice
  • Supports USB peripherals for computers connected to the top tier
  • LCD module rotates up to 120 degrees for a more comfortable viewing angle
  • Console Lock - enables the console drawer to remain securely locked away in position when not in use
  • Multiplatform support - Windows, Linux, Mac, and Sun
  • Supports multimedia USB keyboards for PC, Mac and Sun
  • Auto PS/2 and USB interface detection
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation (PS/2 and USB) for smooth switching and simultaneous booting of multiple computers even when the console focus is elsewhere
  • Extra console port - manage computers in the LCD KVM switch from an external console (monitor, USB keyboard, and USB mouse)
  • Supports external USB mouse
  • Superior video quality - supports resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
  • No software required - convenient computer selection via front panel pushbuttons, hotkeys, and multilingual on-screen display (OSD) menus
  • Auto-senses station's position on daisy chained installations; no need for manual dip switch setting; front panel led indicates station's position
  • Port names automatically reconfigured when station sequence is changed
  • Two level password security - only authorized users can view and control computers
  • LCD power button helps save energy and prolong display's life
  • Supports one administrator and four user accounts with separate profiles
  • Auto Scan mode enables continuous monitoring of user-selected computers
  • Broadcast support - commands from the keyboard can be broadcast to all available computers on the installation
  • Hot pluggable - add or remove computers without having to power down the switch
  • Beeper on/off via hotkey and OSD
  • Firmware upgrades to all the chained KVM switches at the same time via the daisy chain cable
    *With compatible KVM Switches:ACS1208A, ACS1216A,CS1708A,CS1716A

Package Includes:

  • 1x CL5816 KVM Switch
  • 1x Standard Rack Mounting Kit
  • 2x Custom KVM Cables
  • 1x 5-in-1 Console Cable
  • 1x Firmware Upgrade Cable
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 1x Grounding Wire
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Quick Start Guide


Aten CL5816N Application Diagram
Aten CL5816N Application Diagram

Aten CL5816N Specifications:

Width 26.8 in. (68.1 cm.)
Height 1.74 in. (4.41 cm.)
Depth 18.9 in. (48.0 cm.)
Weight 34 lbs. (16 kgs.)
Computer Connections  
Direct 16
Daisy Chain or Cascading 512 (Daisy-Chain)
Port Selection OSD, Hotkeys, Pushbuttons
Console Connectors  
Secondary Console 1x SPHD-18 Male (additional Console Port)
Flash ROM Upgrade 1x RJ-11 Female
Extra Mouse 1x RJ-11 Female
USB Peripheral 1x USB Type-A Female(USB Peripheral share)
CPU Connectors  
Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor 16x SPHD-15/17 Female
Daisy Chain 1x DB-25 Male
Power Connections 1x 3-Prong AC Socket
Port Selection 16x Pushbutton
LCD Adjustment 4x Pushbutton
LCD Power 1x Pushbutton
F/W Upgrade 1x Slide
Power 1x Rocker Switch
Reset 1x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
On Line 16 (Orange)
Selected 16 (Green)
Station ID 2x 7-segment LED Display (Orange)
Power On 1 (Dark Green)
Keyboard USB, PS/2
Mouse USB, PS/2
Video Performance  
Local 19" LCD - 1280x1024@75 Hz; DDC2B
Remote 1920x1440 (From Secondary Console)
Power Input Rating  
Per AC Power Inlet, 50/60Hz 100-240V
Power Consumption 120V, 30.1W,103 BTU ; 230V, 30.7W, 105 BTU
Case Metal/Plastic
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 672792002359
EAN 0672792002359
Question: what are the operational environmental specifications?
Answer: According to ATEN, The environmental specifications are as follows:

Operating Temp. 0-50°C
Storage Temp. -20-60°C
Humidity 0-80% RH, Non-condensing