Aten MasterView Pro 2-User 8-Port KVM


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CS228 Hot Key Sequence

Hotkey Mode
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Port SelectionInvoke OSD
Default: NoneDefault: NoneDefault: [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock]
Alternate: NoneAlternate: NoneAlternate: [Ctrl] [Ctrl]

Leading Aten's foray into the matrix switch arena is the 2 User by 8 Server MasterView Pro. With support for two simultaneous users and up to eight attached computers, The Aten MasterView Plus CS228 is perfect for testing benches and other multi-user environments. Multilevel password protection, built-in OSD (On-Screen Display) and full multimedia sharing are just a few of the enhanced features the Aten MasterView Plus supports. Of course, the Aten MasterView Plus also supports many of the features that make Aten KVM switches stand above the competition, including support for up to 1920 x 1440 flicker-free video resolution, Plug-n-Play monitors and most advanced wheel mice. There's no better way to manage a multi-user server room or testing bench than with the Aten MasterView Plus. Password protection is provided in order to prevent unauthorized access to the computers. Responding to the growing use of audio, the Aten MasterView Plus has built in microphone and speaker support. Because of its multiconsole design, the Aten MasterView Plus cannot be daisy chained to another Aten MasterView Plus; Instead, the Aten MasterView Plus CS138A 8 Port serves as the daisy chain unit. Up to eight Aten MasterView Plus CS138A's can be chained to the Aten MasterView Plus CS228, for a total of up to 64 connected computers.

  • Use two sets of keyboards, monitors and mice to control up to eight computers
  • Support for two simultaneous users
  • Multilevel password protection
  • Microphone/speaker sharing
  • Broadcast mode support
  • Built-in On Screen Display allows PCs to be assigned names and accessed via a menu-driven interface
  • Quick view scan mode for monitoring selected computers
  • Operating System-independent operation
  • Connected PC's can be added or removed from the setup without powering off the KVM switch
  • Plug-n-Play monitor support
  • Ultra-high quality video at resolutions up to 1920 x 1440
  • LCD, SVGA, VGA and multisync monitor support
  • Microsoft Intellimouse, Logitech FirstMouse+, MouseMan+ and other wheel mice are supported
  • Mouse and keyboard emulation for system bootup ensures smooth operation every time
  • PS/2 to serial translation allows a PS/2 mouse to control both PS/2 and serial computers
  • No software required
  • LEDs allow for easy status monitoring
  • Decreases power and equipment costs, while increasing work space
  • Rack mountable in 19 (1U) system rack
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