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ATEN MasterView SUN to PS/2 Console Converter (CV130)
ATEN's CV130 is an interface converter that translates signals from a PS/2 keyboard, mouse and monitor to regular SUN workstations' keyboard, mouse and monitor signals. ATEN CV130 fully supports ATEN's existing MasterView KVM switches and console extender products. When used with a KVM switch, you may control IBM PS/2 PCs, Mac computers and Sun Stations from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. You may also use the ATEN CV130 with ATEN's console extender which will allow you to control your Sun workstation from a remote keyboard, mouse and monitor.

ATEN MasterView (CV130) Features:

  • Supports hot plug for PS/2 keyboards and mice DIP switch to select display mode
  • DIP switch to select screensaver mode
  • No power adapter needed

ATEN CV130 Function Diagram
ATEN MasterView (CV130) Function Diagram

ATEN MasterView (CV130) Package Content:
1 CV130 Console Converter 1 User Manual

ATEN MasterView (CV130) Specifications:

Width 13.75 in. (34.925 cm.)
Height 14.75 in. (37.465 cm.)
Length 20 in. (50.8 cm.)
Case Qty. 20
Package Dimensions  
Width 6.5 in. (16.51 cm.)
Height 2.25 in. (5.715 cm.)
Length 9.5 in. (24.13 cm.)
Console Connectors  
Mouse PS/2
Keyboard PS/2
Monitor HDB15 Female
Case Wt. 16.75 Lb. (7.5375 kg.)
Package Wt. 0.5 lbs. (0.225 kg.)
Unit Wt. 0.35 Lb. (0.1575 kg.)
Width 3.2 in. (8.128 cm.)
Length 4 in. (10.16 cm.)
Height 1.25 in. (3.175 cm.)
CPU Connectors  
Keyboard & Mouse Mini Din 8 Female
Monitor 13W3 Female
Storage Temperature -20 C - 60 C
Power Consumption DC 5V, 50 mA (max)
Operating Temperature 5 C - 40 C
Humidity 0% - 80% (RH)