Raritan Dominion Local Port Cable for DKX2-101


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The Raritan DKX2-101-LPKVMC is a Local Port Cable for the Raritan Dominion KX2-101.

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UPC 785813981509
EAN 0785813981509
Question: Will the DKX2-101-LPKVMC cable allow local control (keyboard / mouse) using the replacement model Dominion KX 1101 while still maintaining remote control via an IP connection. What port does this cable connect to on the Dominion KX 1101? Thanks for your help.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It appears that this cable is specific to the Dominion KX2-101. The newest version, the Dominion KX2-101-V2, has a direct pass-through connection for a local monitor, and the keyboard and mouse for the local user attach directly to the attached server.

In terms of the original Dominion KX-101, That unit used a different cable, the LVC-101 (https://www.kvm-switches-online.com/lvc-101.html), which is essentially a Y-adapter for the video connection that attached inline with the KVM cable. Again, for the older KX-101, the local keyboard and mouse attached directly to the server.

These devices are all non-blocking and should allow both the local and IP users (up to 8) to connect simultaneously (may require configuration of PC-share mode). Please note however, all users see the same screen and control the same input devices as if they were all sitting at the same computer.