Raritan Dominion KX 2-User 16-Port KVM Over IP Switch



Replaced by: Raritan DKX3-216
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The Raritan Dominion KX is an enterprise-class, secure, digital KVM appliance that combines analog switching with the industry's highest-performing KVM Over IP (remote access) technology. At the rack the Dominion KX216 provides BIOS-level control of up to 16 servers and other IT devices from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Plus the Dominion KX's integrated remote access capabilities provide the same BIOS-level control of your servers, from anywhere in the world, via Web browser.

The Raritan Dominion KX216 is easily installed in minutes using standard UTP (Cat 5 / 5e / 6) cabling. Its advanced features, including 128-bit encryption; remote power control; dual Ethernet; LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory, SNMP, syslog integration; and Web management, enable you to deliver higher uptime, better productivity, and bulletproof security - at anytime from anywhere.

The Dominion KX consists of two components: the digital KVM switch and Computer Interface Modules (CIMs).

  • The Dominion KX switch connects to each CIM and provides KVM Over IP capabilities for remote access, as well as a local access port for controlling servers at the rack.
  • Each CIM connects to the KVM ports of an individual server and delivers "keep-alive" keyboard/mouse emulation ensuring that servers never hang.
  • Plus, CIMs convert video signals for transmission over UTP (Cat5/5e/6) cabling.
  • Remote users easily access Dominion KX from any networked workstation via a standard Web browser.
  • A true data center appliance, Dominion KX provides its entire feature set out-of-the-box: 128-bit encryption, remote power control, dual failover
  • Ethernet, LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory integration.


  • Extremely rack-efficient - only 1U in height
  • Simple deployment - Dominion KX interconnects with each server via standard, economical Cat5 (UTP) cabling. Servers may be located as far as 50 cable feet from the Dominion KX unit.
  • A sophisticated, new product look featuring an ergonomic design and new blue LED indicators for clear easy-to-see power, network activity, and user activity.
  • New smaller form-factor CIMs that enable firmware via the network and allow cabling distances of up to 50 feet.
  • Employs Raritan's next generation IP technology with the addition of advanced video resolution detection hardware. When a user switches between servers, this system ensures that the transition to a new video source will be fast, accurate, and clear.
  • Users can connect up to 16 servers to each switch in a 1U form factor and via Cat5 cabling.
  • Includes Raritan's award-winning video compression circuitry from IP-Reach, the industry's highest-performing KVM Over IP technology, to provide remote network access to connected servers. Users can access Dominion KX from anywhere on the network (LAN or WAN [Internet]), allowing them to troubleshoot, reconfigure, and even reboot servers remotely.
  • Features local ports for connecting a KVM console at the rack itself. From this console, Dominion KX behaves like a traditional KVM switch, allowing a user to select among 16 servers and control them as if directly connected to the servers' KVM ports. Provides PS/2 and USB ports for additional flexibility, so users may use the latest USB keyboards.
  • Provides high-availability with dual Ethernet ports for redundancy. Should one Ethernet switch or interface card fail, Dominion KX can still remain available.
  • Allows users to connect Raritan power strips and enables control over these power units in a single, seamless interface. Thus, in an emergency, a system administrator can not only troubleshoot a server remotely, but also even reboot that server using the same interface.
  • Users can access Dominion KX216 with a standard web browser; this eliminates the need to install proprietary client software to access Dominion KX.
  • Dominion KX is a completely self-contained system, i.e. an "appliance". All its features, including authentication and web-access, are built into the box and do not require a separate server to function.
    Improves upon previous Raritan KVM Over IP technology with the introduction of 15-bit color support (16,000 colors), enabling higher video quality over the network.
  • Enables 1 remote user and 1 local user or 2 remote users to connect and access the same server. This is very useful for administrator collaboration for teamed troubleshooting of servers.
  • KVM-Over-IP technology allows users to configure video performance to match available bandwidth. When accessing over a LAN (a local network), more bandwidth is available and hence more video information can be sent - resulting in better performance. When accessing via dial-up modem, very little bandwidth is available, and Dominion KX can adapt to provide fast response (but less video information).
  • Incorporates 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure that customer server environments are protected from malicious hackers.
  • Integrates with industry-standard directory servers, via either RADIUS or LDAP protocols. Allows Dominion KX to integrate with pre-existing usernames/password database for security.
  • Remote Administrators can perform all management and configuration changes at the convenience of their desktop.
  • Firmware upgrades can be downloaded from the internet, and upgrades can be performed via the network.
  • Syslog integration allows Dominion KX's logging capabilities to be centralized in one syslog server (a standard event logging system).
  • SNMP integration allows Dominion KX to be monitored with an industry-standard SNMP tool such as HP OpenView.
  • Complete integration with Raritan's CommandCenter, allowing enterprise users to consolidate all Dominion devices into a single logical system, with a single IP address, and a single management interface.

Form Factor: 1U, full width, rack mountable (brackets included) Operating Temperature: 32° (0°C) to 104° (40°C)

Remote Connection
Network: Dual Failover 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45)
Modem Port: DB9(F) DTE

Local Access Port
Video: HD15(F) VGA
Keyboard/Mouse: Mini-DIN6(F) PS/2; or USB A (F)

Screen Resolutions
PC text mode: 720x400
PC graphic modes: 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x1024
SunĘ video modes: 1024x768, 1152x900, 1280x1024

KX216 (16 Server Ports, 2 Remote Users, 1 Local Port for Rack Use)

17.3" (W) x 11.4" (D) x 1.75" (H)
439mm (W) x 290mm (D) x 44mm (H)

Weight: 8.65lbs / (3.9 kg)
Power: 100V/240V 50/60Hz 0.6A