Raritan Dominion KSX II - Serial Console & KVM Switch

Dominion KSX II is an integrated, hardware-based solution that offers you secure, remote KVM (Keyboard, Video and Mouse) access, serial device management and power control across your remote branch locations. With Dominion KSX II, you’ll enjoy improved ROI, ease of use, scalability and security in a single 1U form factor. 

Dominion KSX vs. Dominion KSX II

Features Dominion KSX Dominion KSX II
Virtual Media No Yes, requires D2CIM-VUSB
• Hard drive
• USB sticks
• ISO image files
Absolute Mouse Synchronization No Yes, requires D2CIM-VUSB
Security and Encryption 128-bit RC4 SSL • Up to 256-bit AES or RC4
• Strong passwords
• Lockout after failed logins
Dual Gigabit E with failover No On all KSX II models
# of USB ports None 4
Native Serial Access Yes Yes
Remote Power Control 1 port, support for RPC unit 2 ports, support for RPC and Dominion PX PDUs
Local Access Ports KVM only KVM and Serial
Remote User Interface Raritan Remote Client,
Multiplatform Client
Browser-based, common user
interface; Virtual KVM Client;
Multiplatform Client
Maximum Video Resolution 1280 x 1024 1600 x 1200
Local Client On Screen Display (OSD) Browser-based, common user
Multiplatform Client Yes Yes
Centralized Management with CC-SG Yes Yes, with CC-SG Release 3.2.1
and above
Appliance Size (HxWxD) 1.75"x 17.33" x 21.26"
44mm x 440mm x 540mm
1.75" x 17.3" x 11.4"
44mm x 439mm x 290mm