Avocent Dambrackas Video Compression Option



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Avocent's DS Series DSRDVC-OPT solution also provides the option to add Dambrackas Video Compression (DVC) to the DSR1161, DSR2161, DSR4160 and DS1800 appliances. The DVC option features a set of 16-bit video compression algorithms that improve video and mouse performance, without increasing network traffic. The video can be adjusted for color, grayscale or compression preferences, adjusting to the requirements a user has for connection speed and network bandwidth.

Avocent DSRDVC-OPT Features and Benefits:

  • DVC Performance Option
  • 16-bit video compression
  • Optimal video quality
  • Increased mouse performance

Existing DSR1161, DSR2161, DSR4160 and DS1800 models
Available as an optional feature via a convenient firmware download at $395 per device

Existing DSR1010, DSR2010 and DSR4010 models

The DVC firmware download is available as a standard option (at no charge)

New shipments of the DSR1010, DSR2010, DSR4010 and DS1800 models

The DVC firmware will be included with new shipments of the DSR1010, DSR2010, DSR4010 and DS1800 models (at no charge)

Ordering the DVC Option
Customers will receive a license key code via email when they purchase the DVC option. This license key code will enable them to access the registration site to download this new option.