Avocent DSView 4 - Secure, Remote Infrastructure Management Software


By consolidating all data center management functionality into a single interface, Avocent DSViewª management software delivers the complete data center control necessary for the 24/7 data center. The Avocent DSView management software enables secure, out-of-band, centralized management of all connected IT and network devices in today's often complex and geographically dispersed data centers. When used in conjunction with KVM appliances, serial console appliances, service processor gateways and PDUs, the hardware and software combine to allow IT administrators to remotely access, monitor and control target devices on multiple platforms at numerous locations-anywhere, anytime. The Avocent DSView management software provides data centers with secure, centralized management for physical and virtual IT assets. By allowing administrators to remotely diagnose and modify any managed device, regardless of the health or status of the OS or network connection, Avocent DSView management software makes data center management and remote offices more accessible, extensible and secure.

DSView 4.5 Install Guide (PDF)


  • Unified, secure "hands-on" control of remote infrastructure
  • Location independence activity:
    • Triage, diagnostics and root cause analysis
    • Disaster recovery
    • SLA Management
    • Application usage
  • Control blade and virtual servers and service processors
  • Native host KVM web interface
  • Telnet/Putty serial interfaces
  • Session log, report and archive
  • Data Center Zone definitions
  • Schedule and on-demand firmware management
  • Logically bridges virtual media to remote infrastructure
  • Shares the Avocent
  • Rack Power Manager data center model
  • Hub-and-spoke architecture
  • Out of box authentication with LDAP, active directory, NT domain, TACACS+, RADIUS or RSA SecureID;
  • Web secure 2048 SSL certificate
  • Two factor authentication (RADIUS and RSA)
  • PCI Compliance


  • Enables IT and data center professionals to flexibly manage operations from any location
  • Single point of data center infrastructure management
  • Activity logging for full operational accountability
  • Zone granularity access control
  • Flexibly restore and reimage devices from virtual media
  • Instantly add power manager (Avocent Rack Power Manager) exploiting the DSViewª software model
  • Architected business continuity
  • Secured via site authentication and web certificates
  • Consistent appliance firmware management

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DSView 4 System Requirements and Specs

Minimum requirements for DSView Management Software

The following are the minimum OS requirement for installing DSView software on a
dedicated hub or spoke server.

  • Mi​crosoft Windows Server 2008 (x64), 2012 (x64)
  • SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 11(x64) , OpenSuse 12.1 (x64)
  • RedHat Enterprise Server 6.4 (x64), 6.5 (x64) , 7 (3.10.0-123.el7.x86_64 ),
    CentOS 6.5 (x64) , CentOS 7 (x64)
  • Sun Solaris SPARC 10

Browser Support

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11
  • Mozilla Firefox¨ 38.4 ESR (32 bit)
  • Google Chrome 47
  • Note: If you are using Firefox in Linux or Google Chrome, the Video Viewer and the
    Telnet Viewer clients require JRE 6 or 7.

Check out the cutsheet for further hardware, software and vendor support information.

DSView 4 Hardware Requirements

> 7000
Target Devices
Target Devices
< 1000
Target Devices
    Windows/Linux Dedicated Physical Server
  • One or more 2+ Ghz Multi-Core CPU
  • 6+ GB RAM
  • 80+ GB HDD
    Windows/Linux Dedicated Physical Server
  • 2+ Ghz CPU
  • 4+ GB RAM
  • 40+ GB HDD
Windows/Linux Dedicated Physical Server or Virtual Machine
  • Dedicated processing
    priority 2+ Ghz
  • Dedicated 6 GB RAM
  • 40 GB non-expanding HDD
  • Sun Server
    1 Ghz UltraSparc III
    4+ GB RAM
    40+ GB HDD
    Sun Server
    1 Ghz UltraSparc III
    4+ GB RAM
    40+ GB HDD
    Sun Server
    1 Ghz UltraSparc III
    4+ GB RAM
    40+ GB HDD
    1 gbps/10 gbps Lan10 mbps/1000 mbps/1gbps (recommended) LAN10 mbps/1000 mbps LAN
    Local or remote databaseLocal or remote databaseLocal Database

    DSView 4 Ordering Information and Part Numbers

    Software Part Numbers

    DescriptionPart Number
    DSView 4.5 software 60-day DemoDSV4.5-DEMO60
    DSView 4.5 software Starter Pack - 1 hub, 1 spoke, 250 managed devicesDSV4.5-START
    DSView 4.5 software Standard Pack - 1 hub, 2 spokes, 500 managed devicesDSV4.5-STND
    DSView 4.5 software Plus Pack - 1 hub, 4 spokes, 2,000 managed devicesDSV4.5-PLUS
    DSView 4.5 software Premium Pack - 1 hub, 8 spokes, 5,000 managed devicesDSV4.5-PREM
    DSView 4.5 software MAX Pack - 1 hub, 15 spokes, unlimited managed devicesDSV4.5-MAX
    Important Note: Minimum of 1 year Silver software upgrade protection required on all DSView 4 software & add-on licenses

    System Add-On Part Numbers

    DescriptionPart Number
    DSView 4.5 software Spoke Server add-on license DSV4.5-SPOKE
    DSView 4.5 software single Zone add-on license - 1 packDSV4.5-ZONE
    DSView 4.5 software managed device license - 10-packDSV4.5-DEV10
    DSView 4.5 software managed device license - 50-packDSV4.5-DEV50
    DSView 4.5 software managed device license - 100-packDSV4.5-DEV100
    DSView 4.5 software managed device license - 500-packDSV4.5-DEV500
    DSView 4.5 software managed device license - 1,000-packDSV4.5-DEV1000
    DSView 4.5 software managed device license - 10,000-packDSV4.5-DEV10000

    Feature Add-On Part Numbers

    DescriptionPart Number
    DSView 4.5 software add-on - DCP integration-DCPDSV4.5-DCP
    DSView 4.5 software Web Services API kitDSV4.5-WSK

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