SmartAVI DVI Extender with Audio



Recommended replacement: SmartAVI DVX-MULTI
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The SmartAVI DVSW21  cross platform switch, you can easily share one DVI monitor, Stereo Audio and USB keyboard and mouse between two Macs, two PCs or one PC and one Mac.

SmartAVI DVI Extender Diagram
SmartAVI DVI Extender Diagram

SmartAVI DVSW21 Features and Benefits:

  • Supports MAC and PC DVI
  • No loss of pixel
  • Resolution 1920x1080
  • Maintains highest DVI single link video resolution
  • Supports PC USB keyboard and mouse
  • Supports MAC USB keyboard and mouse
  • DVI output regenerates TMDS digital video
  • Output can drive long cable up to 25 feet
  • USB output regenerates with USB HUB
  • Balanced Audio Switcher provides truly effortless switching between two balanced computers audio inputs
  • Front panel switch for computer selection
  • Display LED for active station
  • External power supply
  • Reduces space requirements for an additional user
  • Provides noiseless operating environment at the remote station
  • Places CPU outside of harsh environment
  • Saves space on your desktop

    DVSW21 Specifications:

    Video Input Output
    DVI Connector DVI-I DVI-I
    Bandwidth 1.6Ghz 1.6Ghz
    Signal DVI-D DVI-D
    DDC Signal 5VTTL 5VTTL
    Connector Type B Type A
    Signal USB 1.1 USB 1.1
    Connector Jack 3.5mm Jack 3.5mm
    Signal balanced balanced
    Power External 5VDC 2A
    5 x 2.1mm